P2P Money Transfers with Cryptogeek

Cryptocurrencies made international payments more manageable. No matter where you send your coins, the fees and transaction time don't depend on the location of the receiving party. However, if you don't have the required crypto, you must use a crypto on-ramp before sending money. To make things easier, we have added a new feature P2P Money Transfer. It allows you to transfer fiat and digital currencies internationally, exchange fiat money for cryptocurrencies, exchange your crypto to local fiat currency in minutes, and perform other transactions.

Worldwide Money Transfer Solution

We introduce a new service, P2P Money Transfer. It allows sending money without limitations associated with cross-border transactions. Another essential feature is the exchange platform supporting fiat money and cryptocurrencies and allowing clients to interchange them. You can send/exchange whatever sum you want, paying from 0.5 to 2 percent as a fee depending on the transaction you make (exchange, property purchase, or something else). Transactions take 10 minutes. On top of transferring money, the service can be used for purchasing real estate abroad.

We have offices in several jurisdictions:

European Union (Prague)

United Arabian Emirates (Dubai)

Russian Federation (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg)

Turkey (Istanbul)

You can transfer fiat money from these cities to people from other countries. If you want to send cash from the city yet to be added to our list, don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we'll find the solution.

With P2P Money Transfer, you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies for fiat money. We accept the following payment methods:

Credit/debit card


Wire transfer

Apart from buy/sell/transfer operations, we provide other services, including issuing manager cheques and others.

P2P Money Transfer benefits institutions and individuals. It lets people send money card to card, or you can send money to organizations. From Prague, Dubai, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, and Istanbul, you can easily transfer money to Mexico, the Philippines, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

More than that, you are free to choose the form of funds you will send and the form of the payment output. For example, if you send money from Russia to India, you can pay in rubles, and your partner will get USDT if you wish. Or you can opt to make the whole operation in fiat money, and your partner will receive the respective amount of Indian rupees. The same goes for other countries. You can transfer money from Turkey to Canada via depositing crypto in our Istanbul office while your payee will get Canadian dollars, and so on.

How Does It Work?

To give you a better perspective of the service, we will describe the process of exchanging crypto for fiat and purchasing real estate overseas.

Exchanging crypto to fiat takes three steps:

  1. Visit our office
  2. Send your crypto to our wallet
  3. Receive cash (the processing takes around five minutes)

Our fee for this transaction is 1%.

Now, see how you can buy property abroad using P2P Money Transfer. For example, we will use the case of purchasing an apartment in Dubai from our branch office in Russia.

The process takes the following steps:

  1. Let us know which apartment in Dubai you choose
  2. We will calculate the total and clench the deal
  3. We pay your bill to the developer in Dubai
  4. We provide you with a paid manager cheque
  5. Contact us

Commission for manager cheque issuance is about 1.5%. It can be different depending on the sum of the deal and its complexity.

What Is a Manager Cheque?

A manager cheque is a non-cash payment method used in the UAE for purchasing real estate, yachts, and cars. Also, you can rent a property and pay for services with a manager's cheque. Through a manager cheque, you transfer money from one bank account to another by presenting a bank cheque.

To do this, you should deposit the necessary amount to your bank account. As the bank confirms the funds' availability, it puts money on hold and provides a cheque to the recipient's name. This cheque is the manager cheque we mentioned earlier.

The manager's cheque guarantees the person's solvency. Payments are lightning-fast – you only have to present a cheque to the bank's personnel. If you need money, you can quickly return the cheque to the bank and get cash. What's especially great is that no one except for the funds' owner can use the manager's cheque. The origin of funds is not needed as the bank verifies them. Fake manager cheques are regarded as a severe crime.


Mutual economic connections between countries keep growing as well as the geographic mobility of people. That's why we are here to present you with a handy tool to make the whole world feel like home for you. If you travel a lot, your work requires you to visit other countries, or you need to pay your partners overseas and use an e-money transfer service for different reasons, P2P Money Transfer might fit it nicely.

Contact us

If you are interested in using P2P Money Transfer, please contact our manager via Telegram or Whatsapp at +995557715241. Alternatively, you can reach us by email at business@cryptogeek.info.