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By Cryptogeek | 08 Sep

ACX is an Australian exchange focused on the local market. It offers a number of cryptocurrency pairs against AUD, BTC and USDT — quite a modest range. It’s noteworthy that every trade on the exchange must exceed over $50 000 USDT by volume. Therefore, we are not surprised to know about a leading position of this exchange on the Australian market in terms of volumes.

Among other Australian exchanges, this platform is believed to have the most liquidity.

The trading fees are 0.2% for both takers and makers. The 4 account types serve to various types of traders. Security is enhanced by the 2FA feature offered, as well as Cold Storage facility. API is available for automatic trading. 
AUD deposits and withdrawals from/to bank accounts are free. Withdrawal limits are present. Promotion campaigns are offered on occasion.

Funs on the leveraged trading won't find the platform helpful because this option is not enabled. 

US citizens are not accepted on this platform. ACX is headquartered in Hong Kong.

KYC procedure is mandatory.


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14 October, 9:40 PM

I think 0,2 it's a high fee for btc, for me it means a big amount, I don't know who is ready to spend so much money on the fee. That's pointless

10 October, 9:14 PM

Well, it really easily to trade with AUD, it goes without any fee. And it means that exchange is focused on Australian. If you have AUD you are welcome, it was made for trading it here.

10 October, 10:48 AM

No fiat and high fee, these two aspects can wipe out the benefits of the exchange. I would trade a lot in the platform but these things stop me from doing it.

19 September, 2:11 PM

An Australian exchange. It’s a good one. The exchange is not so popular and I think its worth to take a look on it. The exchange team is skilled and they realy understand the crypto market and give the advice and help with any issues.

18 September, 8:54 PM

Not a great platform, I would say a normal one. I don’t see any special about this platform. The main core is the focus on the Australian citizens; I think if I were an Australian I would maybe use a lot. But I think i could find better place to trade.