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Satowallet Customer Reviews 2021 - Is It Safe?

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Sep 17, 2020

Based in Dubai, Sato Wallet is an open source Android, IOS and Web cryptocurrency wallet supporting over 60 altcoins. It is centralized and lets you access the blockchain without locally storing it. Furthermore, it gives users the ability to exchange cryptos for local currencies. As security methods, it features 2-factor authentication. In short, Satowallet is an All-in-one App to trade, store, invest, stake, and secure users blockchain assets with the possibility to earn 40% dividend monthly for holding Satowallet Shares (SATOS).


Multi-Coin Wallet - Access to hold, receive and transact Bitcoin and several Altcoins with just one wallet account.

Internal Exchange - Trade Bitcoin and Altcoins with lowest trading fee, fast trading engine and high liquidity.

Staking Mobile Wallet - Stake your favorite proof of stake(POS) coins by depositing into your wallet and receive auto staking rewards every Monday.

Cryptocurrency Airdrops - Receive several cryptocurrency airdrops directly to your wallet balance. Never miss any airdrop with Satowallet.

No-fee Transactions - Provides zero fee transactions for all supported coins between satowallet hosted wallet address. Instant transaction confirmations.

Auto Coin Swap and Trading - Instant exchange between supported coins with low fees. Also Buy/sell cryptocurrency with Local currency bank deposits and withdrawals.

Security - Secured with 2fa, OTP, personal pin code, email verification, and cold storage.


SatoWallet supports 68 crypto-currencies, to see the full list click here.

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User reviews
Martin Alekseevich 3 March 2021

Exit scam!! They are scammers and their website is long-dead. Not safe!!!