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BitcoinGet Reviews 2021

Launched: 2013
Expert Review
Jun 26, 2020

BitcoinGet is a platform where people are paid in BTC for completing simple tasks such as taking surveys or even for shopping. The website has quite a simplistic design. The platform is accessed without logging in or registration. The only data requested by BitcoinGet is the Bitcoin address for rewards receiving. However, the execution of certain tasks can require registration on the third side platforms as BitcoinGet only aggregates these tasks from other platforms.

There are different opinions on whether people should try to earn via BitcoinGet or not as the payouts are not so big. In this BitcoinGet review, we will figure out if this platform is worthy in terms of profitability. More than that, we will try to figure out is it safe to use it and is BitcoinGet legit or a scam?

  1. Basic Facts
  2. Is It Profitable to Use BitcoinGet?
  3. Is It Safe to Use BitcoinGet?

Basic Facts

The website has been functioning since 2013. The homepage of the website has a slogan on it: "the easiest way to get free bitcoin". Obviously, this statement doesn't look accurate and is not even trying to do so. In fact, the users are capable of earning small amounts of satoshis in exchange for working hours.

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To enter the full version of the website one needs to insert a Bitcoin address that will be used for the rewards. When the user logs in she/he sees the page like on the picture above. There are 5 boxes offering some tasks from the side platforms: Peanut Labs offers rewards in exchange for participating in surveys, CoinRebates provides an opportunity to earn for shopping in one of the 300+ retailers available on the company's website, Adscend Media and are offering rewards for completing any task from the diverse set of assignments associated with their websites, the same goes for the Appen box. And the one box that stands out is the "Refer and Earn" sector. That's where users can join the affiliate program and get money via the invitation of the new people to BitcoinGet.

There is another menu in the header of the website. It has 4 sections: 2 tabs (Surveys and Jobs) and 2 drop-down menus (More and the Profile menu that has a human-shaped icon instead of the name). The More menu contains the following options: Offers, Shopping, Referrals, and FAQ. Basically, the options in these menus identically repeat the services seen in the boxes: Surveys match the tasks from Peanuts Lab, Shopping is nothing but the CoinRebate service (earning via shopping), the Jobs option stands for the tasks from Appen, and the Offers option leads to the tasks from AdScend and The Referral option leads to the same page as the Refer and Earn section. It shows that in fact, BitcoinGet has not much to offer. The platform developers decided to duplicate all the functionality and give it in two different forms on the same web page.

The Profile drop-down menu has the My Account button, Logout button, and the counter of the paid and pending bits. In the My Account tab, one can see the Recent Activity of the account, see the balance, the history of transactions, and get the referral link to invite friends or anyone else to the website in exchange for rewards (10% of the referral earnings received for surveys or 5% of the earnings received for jobs and offers). 

The rewards are counted in so-called "bits". 1 million bits are equal to 1 BTC. As soon as the total amount of bits reaches 1000, the user receives 0.001 BTC automatically in 48 hours, however, it is noted in the FAQ section that at times users can wait for the payout up to 45 days. Different tasks bring different rewards. For instance, some of the tasks can bring as little as 0.5 bit while others are rewarded with 3 or even 5 bits. The number of available tasks varies from time to time. Certain types of jobs can appear not available at some given moments. The list of tasks however keeps on regular updating. The users with ad-blockers on or browsers that don't allow the websites to collect cookies and track the user's activity do not receive bits for the tasks. So it's extremely important to switch off the ad blockers, let the platform get cookies, and track the actions of the users. Understandingly, the use of proxy doesn't allow receiving the rewards, too. Surveys are taken without collecting the user's email, name, or other personal data, while Appen (online tasks or "jobs") requires signing up with email. 

Is It Profitable to Use BitcoinGet?

The rewards are small and the tasks are updating slowly so users physically cannot earn much money. The possible mistakes (like switched on proxy server or similar stuff) can ruin even the promised bits of the reward. In general, it is safe to say that although BitcoinGet is a legit website, it is not easy to make money using this platform. Probably, the platform can fit some people in certain situations when even small money can be useful and the person has enough free time. The bad thing is that even so, the person will have to wait until she/he gets 1000 bits to make a withdrawal. Probably, BitcoinGet is not bad for the first acquaintance with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency infrastructure elements (like BTC wallets). Turning BitcoinGet into a full-time job doesn't seem realistic. As users do take surveys their rank on the site grows up. If the tasks are complete quickly, the size of rewards might be higher. Still, the pay is not so big for such a job and this amount of wasted time.

Is It Safe to Use BitcoinGet?

As the platform doesn't require much user information, it is quite safe to use BitcoinGet. However, the fact that some of the side platforms can be accessed only after a registration draws some doubts. CoinRebates, AdScend,, and Peanut Labs are trusted companies known for their service. It's not likely they can do harm to the BitcoinGet users. Moreover, the fact that using BitcoinGet forces people to withdraw their proxy and ad and tracking blockers, makes the share of data a little more excessive than one might wish. More than that, browsing without ad blockers is no fun. Nevertheless, this website has been in operation since faraway 2013 and to date, BitcoinGet didn't do anything to make us suspect the platform in being a scam.

The user reviews

If we take a look at the online feedback from the alleged BitcoinGet users, we may find the complaints concerning the lack or delays of payouts. On the one hand, it doesn't look too strange because in the FAQ section of the BitcoinGet website anyone can see the long list of the reasons why the users don't get paid even if the tasks are complete in time. On the other hand, the complaints about the delays in payouts make us think that the platform has technical problems or lacks full responsibility. People do work but BitcoinGet can't guarantee that the rewards will be paid. This point is quite disappointing. Allegedly some people can't get paid on this platform due to the local restrictions. Unfortunately, nowhere on the website, BicoinGet doesn't clarify which countries are allowed. As we can judge from the user comments left in different periods of time, sometimes BitcoinGet had serious gaps in rewards due to technical maintenance but seemingly the platform did pay its users. Many comments are quite positive. People say how much they did earn in different time-lapses. They praise the support team and stress that the money was successfully withdrawn or spent online. It makes BitcoinGet seem legit. Anyway, this platform can't boast stability and guarantees. If you are interested in this platform, make a test first. If it works for you, then probably BitcoinGet can be useful.

Our Score
Functionality 4 / 5
Ease of use 5 / 5
Support 4 / 5
Price 4 / 5
Technology 4 / 5
Our Score
4.2 / 5
Pros and Cons

Simple interface

The platform doesn't collect much data


Payouts delays

Small rewards

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moon 2 July 2020

Very decent platform

Launched: 2013