Country: Singapore
Launched: 2020
Expert Review
Dec 29, 2020

Zionodes is the world’s leading marketplace for Bitcoin mining. One-Stop-Shop for Data centres, resellers of mining hardware and miners. The platform provides a 2-factor authentication, high-grade security measures. Zionodes accepts cryptocurrency payments and allows users to choose farm operators and resellers on open statistics appropriate to your budget. 

Zionodes is a unique decentralized marketplace that aggregates data centres, sellers of hardware, and miners all in one place. It is a name synonymous with transparency, optimized operations, and better returns on your capital.

The service stands out as a Bitcoin mining marketplace because it aggregates locations and suppliers worldwide and unites them under one single platform while turning commodities into liquid assets.

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User reviews
Colin 17 Nov

So far, my mining revenue has not been affected. My miners have gone offline on a couple of occasions, and in one case, I was given a replacement ASIC for the time my miner was offline, and in the other case, I was given an extension in electricity for the time my miner was offline. I am happy as long as my mining revenue is not jeopardized.

Jake 20 Oct

With my miners running smoothly in CA, I can easily monitor them using the dashboard, which provides live updates.

Lou 22 Sep

Payment options are better. Initially it was a little inconvenient for me to use b2b, but now with metamask, it has become so much more easier and convenient.

Miner09 15 Sep

My miner went down for 2-3 days a few weeks ago. I didn't like the fact that my miner was down, but they did provide me with a replacement miner during this time so that my mining operations could continue uninterrupted. While I thought the 'replacement miner' idea was brilliant, I still hope it never happens again.

Ray 25 Aug

The service is excellent, and I have never had any problems with my orders. However, I hope that the MOQ will be reduced in the future. It is manageable for me right now because miner prices are lower, but I have a gut feeling that over time btc price may rise, causing a spike in the price of ASICs making it challenging to buy 10 ASICs.

Country: Singapore
Launched: 2020

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