Country: International
Launched: 2018
Expert Review
Dec 23, 2020

The SHAMINING is engaged in cloud mining provision while using the technology, developed by the experts in IT and cryptocurrencies field. The main product idea is effective disparate computing resources appliance. SHAMINING tend to unite investors, including newcomers, on a single platform together. The customers’ trust is based on obvious evidence: they honestly get their income every day. 

In 2018, the team decided to create a unique product in the field of cryptocurrency mining. Each member of the team is engaged in their narrow specialization, which allows us to offer a truly superior platform named SHAMINING. The project's goal was to create a quality product that would be favorably received by the partners and customers. SHAMINING also strived to make it comprehensible for users and capable of making them totally immersed in the mining process.

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Ease of use 4 / 5
Security 4 / 5
Fees 4 / 5
Reputation 4 / 5
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4 / 5
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User reviews
Pacman 19 August 2023

Bitcoin money created by corruption, this money IS corruption,
Closed this technology created by chinese group, similar covid

Pacman 19 August 2023

J'ai créer un compte en 2020, 1 an plutard il était impossible d accédé au site car apparemment ils ont fait une mise a jour et maintenant mon compte n'est plus reconnu, et aucune réponse des employés. Je recommande pas.

Nicola 7 September 2022

Ladri, truffa

Joel 4 September 2022

I'm only one person in a group of customers all around the world that have lost their money since the shamining company, that was disappeared from internet with all the money of their investors months ago.

In this publication I am going to tell my case, but I enclose the link with a list of all the people who are trying to get a response from the company that Mr. William Harris, according to official UK information, runs and owns.

My contact with shamining started after searching on the internet for legit companies that offer the service of cloud bitcoin mining. Shamining was one of the only companies that had reviews in media over the internet and has documents that was established in UK, although later he discovered that he had a fake address, that it was only created with a capital of 100 pounds and that he uses a service to prevent them from knowing who owns his internet domain.

My contact was through a sales representative called Robert. With his help I did two investments of $5000 each time. I could withdraw my profit everyday without any problem until the end of May.
In May 28th days after their website became inaccessible in the internet they made their last publication in social media (Facebook group is Shamining-Gminers) in which they say shamining suffered a cyber-attack that took down their website, but not affected the money of the customers. After that day anyone could get their profit or money back. After May 28th I continued to receive mails until May 30th.

After May 30th I never received an answer from them and couldn't access their service again. As I told you before, there are many people that felt lost their money This guys are trying to disappear and steal the tens of thousands of dollars in investments in the company.

We, people affected by the company, are trying to find help to recover our funds. We believe that contacting the press could help to continue moving forward in trying to recover our funds. We have made complaints to the UK police and their insolvency service, unfortunately with no results.

Thanks in advance and regards.

Review image Review image Review image
14 February 2023
I feel you, I also have lost lots of money to them, but I never withdrew anything.
Just found out they're back! on - spread the word and catch these motherfuckers!
Joel Moisés 4 September 2022

Cómo Shamining pasó de ser una empresa destacada en la prensa en Internet a una estafa que robó decenas de miles de dólares:

Soy solo una persona en un grupo de personas en todo el mundo que han
perdido su dinero desde que la empresa Shamining desapareció de
Internet hace meses con todos nuestros fondos . En este correo voy a
contar mi caso, pero puedes entrar al link de nuestro grupo de
facebook "Shamining Affected Users"
a poder ver a todas las personas que están tratando de obtener una
respuesta de esta empresa.

Estamos tratando de buscar apoyo en la web para poder encontrar al
dueño de esta empresa y recuperar nuestros fondos.

Mi contacto con shamining comenzó después de buscar en Internet
empresas legítimas que ofrecen el servicio de minería de bitcoin en la
nube. Shamining fue una de las pocas empresas que tuvo reseñas en
medios a través de internet y tiene documentos que se estableció en
Reino Unido, aunque luego descubrimos que tenía una dirección falsa, y
que solo se creó con un capital de 100 libras y que usa un servicio
para evitar que sepan quién es el dueño de su dominio de internet.

Mi contacto fue a través de uno de sus representantes de ventas a través de su web. Con su ayuda hice dos inversiones de $5000 cada vez. Pude
retirar mi ganancia todos los días sin ningún problema hasta finales
de mayo.

El 28 de mayo, días después de que el sitio se volvió
inaccesible en Internet, realizaron su última publicación en las redes
sociales (Shamining - Gminers) en la que dicenque shamining sufrió un ciberataque que derribó su sitio web, pero no
afectó el dinero de los clientes. Después de ese día, nadie podría
entrar a ver sus mineros ni retirar dinero.

Después del 30 de mayo nunca recibí una respuesta de ellos y no pude
volver a acceder a su servicio. No soy la única; muchas
personas perdieron su dinero debido a lo que está
haciendo la empresa. Estas personas
están tratando de desaparecer y robar las decenas de miles de dólares
que invertimos en la empresa.

Review image Review image Review image
Country: International
Launched: 2018

List of coins

# Currency
  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
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