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Cudo Miner Customer Reviews 2021

Country: United Kingdom
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Aug 04, 2020

Cudo Miner is a multi-algorithm cryptocurrency miner with advanced per algorithm and GPU overclocking features. The smart miner automatically switches between hashing algorithms based on coin profitability and re-optimizes the miners GPU hardware, ensuring optimal performance & profitability is maintained.

Cudo Miner also provides remote management and advanced monitoring features enabling the account owner to remotely enable/disable miners, view hashrates, earnings, hardware health stats including temperature & wattage, referrals and transactions. The application also provides the option for earning and being paid in multiple currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and Ravencoin with other payout coins planned.

Whilst the application is advanced in its features and performance, with no upper ceiling on the number of devices per account, the team has automated everything, making the application also suitable for first-time miners looking to earn cryptocurrency from their laptop or desktop device as well.

Key features:
- A User-Friendly Interface: Accessible for experts and novices;

- Advanced Settings: Rig miners can tweak algorithms for increased performance & profitability;

- Remote Management: Enable, disable, benchmark, group and configure devices straight from the Web Console;

- GPU Overclocking: Built-in GPU overclocking and other features designed to boost profitability;

- Bare Metal Build: USB OS build for rig environments;

- 3rd Party Miners: Enable third-party miners inc. Z-enemy for Ravencoin, Bminer for Grin and EWBF for Bitcoin Gold to increase mining performance. New miners will be added;

- Multiple Coin Support: Able to mine multiple coins and switch between them based on which is the most profitable at any given moment;

- Choice of Payment Method: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero or Ravencoin. Further payout coins will be added;

- Powerful Web Console: Central miner management, hashrates, earnings, hardware installed, driver version, health stats, transactions and more;

- Idle Mining: Casual miners can leave Cudo Miner working in the background while they use their PC, ensuring that it does not interfere with their computer’s performance.

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User reviews
Martin Alekseevich 4 March 2021

Good mining platform

Country: United Kingdom
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