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Jun 01, 2020

Spells of Genesis is a magic card game with arcade elements adapted for mobile devices. It is based on the Bitcoin blockchain. The ownership of certain cards is powered with blockchain and can be verified through it. In the fantasy realm of Askian the players collect orbs and fight battles. The cards have the following parameters: rarity,  health, speed, and spells. The cards can be upgraded or blended. The cards can be traded through the Book of Orbs.

Players need to own BTC in order to play or trade orbs. As the Bitcoin blockchain is one of the safest, the owners of the cards can rest assured that their cards are protected excellently. On the other hand, transaction time and fees can vary from time to time. As the Bitcoin ledger is fully transparent, all players can see all existing cards all the time. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that the owners can be identified.

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Country: Switzerland
Launched: 2017
Country: Switzerland
Launched: 2017