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Jun 01, 2020

CryptoKitties is probably one of the most notable blockchain games to date as it was extensively highlighted even in the media not focused on the cryptocurrency sphere exclusively. This game is based on smart contracts and cryptocurrency tokens.

The game was released by Axiom Zen amidst the 2017 cryptocurrency fever and quickly gained much attention. In CryptoKitties, players buy, breed, feed, sell, and exchange virtual kittens. Each kitten is unique in terms of cryptography (non-fungible) and can be sold on the Ethereum blockchain. It means that some players earn some real money for breeding virtual animals. The game is designed to be able to provide up to 5 billion unique cats with different coefficients of rarity (hence of different value). Some of the cats created on CryptoKitties were sold for a price of over $100,000.

Each kitten is a unique ERC-721 Ethereum token (a non-fungible version of ERC-20 token). The game creators earn thanks to 3.75% auction fees.

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Launched: 2017
Launched: 2017