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Country: United Kingdom
Launched: 2018

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Sep 10, 2019

Xena Exchange is a Centralized cryptocurrency exchange based in the United Kingdom. The exchange was launched in 2018. Its reported volume is about 0 $ as for 8 October 2019. Xena Exchange has 0 available trading pairs and 3 coins. Deposits are on the exchange. Xena Exchange doesn't have Fiat deposits option. Margin trading option is not available on the exchange. The exchange has 7 score on Trustpilot, based on 0 reviews. Xena Exchange is quite active in social media, with more than 1000 Twitter followers. You can leave your review about Xena Exchange here.

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Pavel 3 October, 10:44 PM

The fee is OK on the exchange. But what i really don't understand why everything is so slow? The support, the transactions, the website. They have to do something with that otherwise the platform will lose theirs traders. Nobody likes waiting.

Dennis 1 October, 8:00 PM

What about the exchange support?I am trying to contact the real person. I have no desire to communicate with the chat robot or something. Maybe, I am blind but I don’t see how I can directly contact the support.

James Fernandes 1 October, 5:52 PM

I was lucky enough to have 3 transactions completed. But then something was broken and my actions on xena have stopped passing through. I don’t who’s to blame but it had become complex to trade here. Too many errors and pendings. I’ve contacted the support hopping they are going to fix all that bugs.

Gannagh 26 September, 6:49 PM

I've made a transaction on 15 September, but it hasn't completed yet. The support told me that i have to wait, but they didn't tell the exact time. I'm a little bit nervous. Don't wanna lose my funds. The exchange is seemed to me pretty solid, but I'm starting to worry.

Mathew 25 September, 9:27 PM

XENA is a kind of new exchange. It’s got its own perspective. I see that it was legally registered and it looks pretty secure. But I was trying to make some transactions and they passed through extremely slow. The volume is not so high here and I believe it could affect the operations on the platform.

Cornell 24 September, 7:54 PM

The tech team of xena promised fast transactions and withdrawals.But actualy i don't think that 2 or 3 days is that fast.The support was telling me that's ok that how it goes. Well, I'm thinking about to find something new to trade because I'd like to trade smoothly.

jeff 23 September, 7:17 PM

Frankly, it seems to me that the platform is quite all right. But I also have to admit that sometimes transactions can take a long time and it can mess my trading plan.

kkk_al 21 September, 3:34 PM

Don't know what this fuss is all about, I've been trading here since June i have more than 10 successful transactions. I wouldn't say that i have waiting problem with them, that have been completed within two days. In addition i appreciate a low fee here and I'm gonna use this platform.

Baryshnikov 19 September, 2:10 PM

It seems just fine but I often have problems with the website. It doesn’t work from time to time I was told to clean it up and delete cookies. But should I do that all the time?I’ve deleted everything I had in my browser but the problem still the same. The website shows me some errors and it’s kinda frustrating.

David 18 September, 8:52 PM

They say that the exchange has a great volume, more than 50 mln. But I highly doubt it, It seems to me, they are overstating it. I don’t see a lot of transactions and my transactions can be in the queue for more than a couple of days. There definitely might be something wrong.