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Country: USA
Launched: 2015

Expert Review

Sep 08, 2019

Simex was launched in Russia as a coin exchange in 2015. This platform has a great liquidity. The volume of the platform is more than $ 320 mln.  The exchange has an interesting tool – the coin aggregator.

Using this thing you can receive access to 1500 different tokens and trading pairs. Because of this tool the traders are able to do arbitrage at the different exchange at once. The US-citizens have the opportunity to trade. Frankly speaking, the platform has a list with the number of the investors having permission to trade.

There are 347 investors from the USA. The other interesting feature is called P2P transaction. It means that you may transfer assets to different users of Simex fast and with minimal fees. There is no charge between the takers and makers, the exchange offers the same 0.1 % fee for everybody. 

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ac3surat 24 January, 1:03 AM

Auto trade orders by script. Don't deposit/withdraw , it's fees collector changer.

from CryptoCompare
Gerry 30 December, 9:49 PM

The big advantage of the platform is a fiat currency . I really need the feature. Honestly, the transactions are not so speed as I wanted, but I'll get used to it.

Crool 26 December, 9:29 PM

It's a cool to see a good working exchange with a fiat feature. I've checked a lot of different exchange and I felt lack of the fiat. Bit now I found it, simex is what I needed.

Doors 30 November, 1:13 PM

The exchange is equipped well. There is a possibility to use credit card to make deposits. It's a really convenient. I'm satisfied with the service here.

Cypros 20 November, 8:25 PM

The trading volume leaves much to be desired. That's a big obstacle, I guees. Probably, because of that the transaction speed is very slow.

Stephan 17 November, 1:48 PM

I can't login, I refreshed the page a dozens of time and used the other browser-no way. I think, there are some problem with the website. Is it active or not? I don't get it.

Bern 15 October, 9:33 PM

Unfortunately, the volume of a trading here is not high at all. Due to that reason the liquidity is not big too. The exchange looks good, but the volume and liquidity made me give the exchange just 3 stars.

Sergey 13 October, 11:49 AM

Simex has just the main pairs. Not a big variety of the coins. But it could be enough, if you trust just the big coins. Apart from that, the platform is fine.