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Margex: The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in 2024

Country: Seychelles
Launched: 2019
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Jun 18, 2021

Margex is a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange for derivative trading, founded in 2019. It has rapidly gained the trust and recognition of thousands of users as a thriving platform where you can engage in leveraged trading up to 100x with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and many others paired with the US Dollar.

Exclusive Features:

  • The simplest and most user-friendly interface for both novice and advanced traders. Nominated by Finance Magnates as the trading platform with the most user-friendly interface in the industry.
  • No need to provide personal data.
  • Cross and isolated margin trading with leverage up to 100x for 40+ trading pairs.
  • Forex trading pairs with leverage up to 500x.
  • A unique AI-based MP Shield system to protect users from price manipulation.
  • Aggregated liquidity from 12 exchanges, minimizing the likelihood of slippage.
  • Supports deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Available deposit options include BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, and others.
  • Users can purchase cryptocurrency using Visa/MasterCard/GooglePay/ApplePay/Paypal.
  • Staking your cryptocurrency does not lock it; you can use it for trading.
  • Mobile application available on Android and iOS.

What Margex Offers to Its Users:

  • Simple and User-Friendly Interface:

From the registration process to fund withdrawal and platform navigation, Margex offers an exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly experience. The platform continually strives to enhance user experience at the highest level.

  • Ultra-Fast Order Execution:

The trading engine of the platform is highly efficient, advanced, and fast. It provides features such as ultra-fast order execution, precise market movement representation, comprehensive information, and extensive settings.

  • No Overloads:

Margex has demonstrated stability since its official launch, with no system overloads or platform delays reported. The infrastructure and technology underlying Margex have proven reliability and efficiency, ensuring traders a smooth and uninterrupted trading experience, making it a preferred choice compared to many other cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Competitive Trading Commissions:

Margex does not charge commissions for cryptocurrency deposits, and there are no additional fees for fund withdrawals. Trading commissions are fixed: 0.019% for Market orders and 0.060% for Limit orders. While Margex does not directly support fiat deposits, integrated solutions within the platform allow users to make fiat deposits.

  • Regulated Leverage up to 100x:

Specializing in cryptocurrency derivatives trading, Margex offers various leverage options ranging from a minimum of 5x to a maximum of 100x. Both Cross and Isolated margin trading are available. Notably, Margex has introduced Forex pairs with leverage up to 500x. As of the review date, there are over 40 tradable pairs.

  • Liquidity from Over 12 Providers:

Margex consolidates liquidity from more than 12 providers into a unified and extensive order book. This approach ensures the most up-to-date and market-relevant prices for Margex clients, as well as minimal spreads in the market.

  • Protection Against Price Manipulation:

Margex has implemented the unique MP Shield system based on artificial intelligence to protect users from price manipulation. The platform also works with the most liquid trading pairs and adheres to strict protocols to prevent fraudulent price manipulation schemes. This approach protects traders from potential fraudulent activities, ensuring a trustworthy trading environment free from price manipulation.


Registration on Margex takes no more than 1 minute. All you need to do is enter your email address and click the "Register" button. After that, you will need to confirm your email address. Once your email address is confirmed, you can make a deposit and start trading.

Deposit and Withdrawal on the Margex Platform


Margex offers convenient options for replenishing your account. You have the choice of either depositing cryptocurrency directly into your Margex account or purchasing cryptocurrency using a credit card through trusted partners such as Changelly or ChangeNOW, directly on the Margex platform.

Regarding cryptocurrency deposits, the following crypto assets are currently supported on the Margex platform: BTC, USDT, USDC, USDD, ETH, BUSD, TRX, LTC, BNB, SOL, AVAX, BCH, MATIC, TUSD, XRP, ARB, LINK, DAI, USDP, WBTC, TON, and stETH. Additionally, you can also replenish your balance using peer-to-peer exchanges.



Withdrawal from the Margex Platform:

Users have the flexibility to transfer their crypto assets from the Margex wallet to other external compatible wallets. Initiating a withdrawal is easy through the Margex user interface. Users need to choose the desired wallet, click on the "Withdraw" icon, and copy the external address. Enter the withdrawal amount, and if two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled, provide the necessary authentication. Finally, users should click the "Withdraw" button to complete the process.

The same assets available for deposit are also available for withdrawal.

It's important to understand that direct bank transfers are not available on the Margex platform. However, users can use the services of third-party providers to exchange their cryptocurrency for various fiat currencies and transfer them to their bank accounts.

Margex Wallet

The Margex wallet page provides users with a comprehensive overview of their balance. Thanks to a simple and user-friendly interface, users can easily deposit and withdraw funds in real-time without unnecessary complications. The transaction history feature, located within the wallet section, allows users to track and obtain detailed information about their previous transactions.

Trading on Margex

Trading on Margex offers an intuitive interface, specializing in cryptocurrency derivatives trading with margin options ranging from 5x to 100x. Both isolated margin and cross margin trading are available. Additionally, Margex provides Forex trading with leverage up to 500x.

The left side is dedicated to order creation, allowing users to customize their future trades. Users can select the order size, leverage, margin type (cross or isolated), and the specific order type (Limit, Market, Stop Market). The trade table displays all relevant information, including trade ID, date, type, trading pair, position size, margin, stop-loss, take-profit, current PnL, and more.

Margex offers various order types to implement different trading strategies.

  • Market Orders:

Market orders provide users with the opportunity for quick trading at the best available price at the moment.

  • Limit Orders:

With limit orders, users can set the price at which they want their order to be executed.

  • Stop-Market Orders:

Stop-market orders allow users to set up orders for automatic execution based on pre-defined price triggers.

The central chart is provided by TradingView, offering a comprehensive set of trading indicators. The order book and last trades are located on the right side.

Setting up Stop Loss and Take Profit on Margex

Setting up Stop Loss and Take Profit on Margex is quite straightforward. Here are the steps:

  • Click on the Stop Loss or Take Profit option next to your open position.
  • A window will appear where you can set the closing price for your position.
  • Enter the desired price level for your Stop Loss or Take Profit.
  • You may also have the option to set the quantity or percentage for your Stop Loss or Take Profit.
  • Confirm your settings.

By setting Stop Loss, you establish a price level at which your position will automatically be sold to limit potential losses. On the other hand, Take Profit allows you to set a target price at which your position will be automatically sold to secure profits.

This feature helps traders manage risk and protect their investments by automating the process of closing positions at predetermined price levels.

Partial closing of positions

Partial closing of positions is now available to all users, providing additional functionality for managing position closure as well as setting Stop Loss/Take Profit. You can close a specific portion of your position by configuring all the necessary parameters, including quantity and price for the specified amount. This feature allows for more precise control over your trades, enabling users to selectively adjust parts of their positions based on their trading strategy and risk management preferences.

Closing Positions

Closing positions is done by clicking the "Close" button on the left side. You can either "Close Market" or "Close Limit." Additionally, you have the option to select the volume of the trade closure – you can close the entire trade or only a portion of it.

Forex Pairs

The inclusion of currency pairs on the platform expands users' portfolio diversification opportunities. The first available trading pair is EUR/USD, with the possibility of trading with leverage up to 500x.

The Margex team continually strives to improve and broaden trading possibilities for its users. The addition of forex pairs represents a new milestone in the overall development of the exchange.


Margex has developed its security protocols that are on par with banking standards. Client accounts on Margex are protected by 2FA authentication, email confirmation, and SSL data encryption. Margex does not store passwords in plain text, so even in the theoretical event of a database breach, your account would remain secure. Additionally, Margex keeps 99% of user funds in cold wallets for maximum fund security. However, it's worth noting that this security measure comes with the less obvious but tolerable drawback that the withdrawal process occurs once a day.

Trading Fees

For all trading pairs, the fee for market orders (taker fee) is only 0.060%, while the fee for limit orders (maker fee) is 0.019%.

But that's not all – Margex has one more ace up its sleeve…

Margex Copy Trading

Margex Copy Trading is perfect for those who don't want to delve into trading intricacies. It's an ideal product for those who want to replicate successful trades of proficient traders.

In contrast to other trading platforms, Margex does not charge commissions for successful trade copying. This means that all the profit you earn belongs to you and the trader you are copying. Additionally, you can choose different strategies and various traders to copy, depending on your preferences.

There are no restrictions for subscribers, no limitations on personal capital, unlike many competing platforms. If you see a trader, you can subscribe to them in just a couple of clicks, regardless of how many subscribers they already have.

Advantages of Using Margex Copy Trading (for Regular Users)

  • No need for trading experience. Simply copy experienced traders in just 1 click!
  • Your Return on Equity (ROE) will always match the income of the trader you are copying.
  • Utilize a dedicated application for trade copying with the simplest and most user-friendly interface.
  • A variety of strategies/traders to choose from.
  • Start copying trades with as little as $10.
  • Daily profit withdrawals are possible.

One of the standout features of Margex Copy Trading is its special standalone application, available on iOS and Android. The application is designed with a singular purpose – to provide the capability to copy traders in just 1 click.

Margex Referral Program

Convenient and, most importantly, Fair Referral Program. Experience an easy-to-use and, above all, transparent referral program. You can earn up to 40% of the trading commissions generated by your referrals. Additionally, there is a user-friendly affiliate dashboard tailored for major partners.

Our Score
Functionality 5 / 5
Reputation 4 / 5
Security 5 / 5
Support 4 / 5
Fees 4 / 5
Our Score
4.4 / 5
Pros and Cons

- Low fees
- Strong security


- A small amount of supported cryptocurrencies

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User reviews
Fernando 22 September 2023

No te permiten retirar tu dinero en la red que deseas y luego dicen que la cuenta está en revision. TENGO 3 meses en eso.

Review image
James 23 August 2023

Best simple exchange without KYC. I love their awesome mobile APP and the thing that margex is the only exchange that protects you from false wicks with MP Shield technology.

Harald Gusel 30 June 2023

Es dauert alles viel zu lange. Die Prüfung der Auszahlung. keine Antwort auf meine Emails. Die Trades können nicht angepasst werden. Teilprofite nehmen funktioniert auch nicht. ABSOULT NICHT ZU EMPFEHLEN!!!

Lynden Pearce 4 November 2021

Normal exchange but rather buggy. It is more or less convenient to trade here, but there are better places.

Country: Seychelles
Launched: 2019
Mobile app: -
Grade points: 0.00
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