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Nov 03, 2021

Hopex is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform establish in 2018 and registered in Republic of Seychelles. Headquarter located in Hongkong

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User reviews
Laura lane 24 Jan

No words to say, Its awesome. Easy to use

Paul P 04 Jan

I am having serious issues with withdrawing my funds. It is under audit and customer service has gone ghost!!

Elliot 6 December 2021

As soon as I requested payout my account was suspended and I could not log in anymore.

Laura lane
24 Jan
I think its your problem while trying withdrawing, I got my profits
29 December 2022
Did you ever get your money? My account is frozen also. It's been 30 days, now they are telling me it will be another 36 days.
5 March 2022
Did you ever get your money back
Mischa O'donnell 19 November 2021

I liked the Hopex app from the very beginning. It was easy to register which immediately outgrew trading. Security is provided at a high level.

29 December 2022
Did you ever have any trouble with withdrawing your money? I am having trouble with getting my money out of my account.
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