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Bikkex Review 2021 - Is It Safe?

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Expert Review
Apr 06, 2021

Bikkex is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong. The company is quite active in social media. According to the company website, Bikkex is an advanced platform with various trading pairs and order types. 

At the same time, customer reviews about Bikkex exchange are mixed.

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3.0 / 5
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User reviews
Swanand 1 August, 9:57 AM

It is a big scam. The portal is false. Very unsafe. I could get the result with a small amount. Thank god I tried with a small amount.

Rachelle Loiseau 16 July, 2:07 AM

Say this with so much joy I just got my money back, All Thanks to Asset Secure Ltd

Lloyd 7 July, 12:23 AM

they stole my 29,000 to all of you losing less be grateful, i did not even it was possible to get my money back for over 2 months till i reported them to asset secure ltd to them so they can close down this site

EPHRAIM 1 July, 2:39 PM

Withdraw History
Wallet Address Amount Status / Date Comment
USDT 0x922bdb0cf9425b096db89dc4550b0810cf371c30 6669.214 Pending Withdraw
USDT 0x922bdb0cf9425b096db89dc4550b0810cf371c30 1600.036 Pending Withdraw
USDT 0x922bdb0cf9425b096db89dc4550b0810cf371c30 3759.118 01.07.2021 11:54:17 Withdraw
USDT 0x922bdb0cf9425b096db89dc4550b0810cf371c30 465.0265 01.07.2021 10:28:03 Withdraw
USDT 0x922bdb0cf9425b096db89dc4550b0810cf371c30 460 01.07.2021 09:52:40 Withdraw
USDT 0x922bdb0cf9425b096db89dc4550b0810cf371c30 453.65 01.07.2021 08:39:46 Withdraw

EPHRAIM 1 July, 2:37 PM

This is pure scam guys, dont even dare

Matias Melo 1 July, 9:02 AM

They are an scamers! they stolen my money, I wanted to transfer from bikkex to my wallet but the coins never arrived it. I claimed many times but didnt have any answer . They stolen my money! i hope other peopple dont deposit money there. they will stolen them !!!

Filipe 29 June, 12:04 PM

They let you operate a couple of times until they lock your funds with any way they can (lock account, lock funds, lock trades, lock withdraws, etc). Then they say anything to excuse, like network congestion (for days) or violation of their terms (not presented when signing up).
The support look like a person and not a bot but it's always the same name and very fast for the first responses, until you ask "the right questions".
They use arguments like locking accounts because of arbitrage terms violation, saying then don't permit this because of money laundry. But if you pay more than 10 thousand dollars, they will upgrade you to institutional, they they will permit arbitrage (or indirectly speaking as they say themselves, then you can do money laundry).
I understand the possibility to lock your account if you go against the terms, but these terms must be clearly presented when signing in and they can not, in any way, freeze your assets or money, like if they were an instituition of the law.
Please, be advised - put your money in there, operate a couple of times and you will lose it all.
There are some reviews of people who managed to recover the money using online services of companies especialized in this kind of subject, but you will have to pay for this also and you can never be sure it will work.

29 June, 6:44 PM
I also ruined by bikkex with my Hard Money of 25000$ , how can i save it , they are demanding more 10000$ ,after that will unblock my account.please help me
Rhex 27 June, 4:48 PM

Absolutely scam, bewsrs!

Pedro 26 June, 8:55 PM

I wanted to withdraw 1200 USDT from my Bittex account. However, they locked my account because of 'arbitrage'. According to the Supor desk I have to raise my balance to $10.000 and become an institutional invester. I dont have that much money and now my 1200 USDT is trapped in a Bittex account. I didnt follow the rules, account to support desk. They dont want to resolve my issue and never heard about customersatisfaction. I even are not allowed to trade on their excange!

Review image
6 July, 2:21 AM
I also got scammed by Bikkex. Is there a way to recover the money back? Can we report them and have them release our funds?
Alan Birrell 25 June, 12:04 AM

Your "expert review" is a joke. My 10-year-old could write a better review.
If the client reviews are that money is being stolen, you should get someone with half a brain to investigate and that would be closer to an expert review!

Ebe 24 June, 11:35 AM

They are scammers. They stole my $13450

david peckham 21 June, 4:10 PM

scam exchange, they wont let me withdraw my money unless i deposit another $25000

29 June, 6:47 PM
Same thing happend with me, i lost 25000$
Roland Mielke 20 June, 7:33 PM

Its a scam. They steal your money. It is irresponsible to give them any fund.

Syed Tareq 16 June, 7:46 PM

Scammers Runs Crypto Exchange
This is first exchange im the world who Robbed customers money.and ask them for 20k $ deposit.what the fucking scam is this.why any Institute or Organisation cant Baned these kind of thief's.

Brathard 16 June, 6:05 PM

One of the best exchange for 2021!

Syed tareq
16 June, 7:49 PM
I think you are the paid person by the scammers.who is the ceo of bikkex.
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Bikkex Review 2021 - Is It Safe?