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Country: Saint Kitts and Nevis
Launched: 2019
Site: aphelion.org

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Sep 10, 2019

Aphelion is a new decentralized exchange that is powered on the NEO-blockchain. It was launched in January 2019. The exchange states on its website that it never holds or stores tokens and is totally open source, community driven.  

At Aphelion, takers pay 0.07% and makers pay nothing at all. Deposit fee is zero. Also you pay no withdrawal fees at all. The Aphelion wallet / DEX is available on desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) and through mobile usage (IOS and Android). In addition, it also has a web-based version of their wallet. The wallet/DEX is available in 7 languages, including Dutch, English, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. The Aphelion wallet offers the possibility to manage your coins quickly and easily. 

It’s possible to set a fee for sending your coins. This has the advantage that your transaction gets a higher priority and is processed faster. There are 3 markets, NEO/GAS/APH, with different NEP-5 pairs, where you can trade the following coins: NEX, DBC, TOLL, ASA, NKN, PHX, SOUL, EFX, CPX, TKY etc. It is open to citizens or residents from the United States and other countries seeing as they never hold their users’ assets.

KYC procedure: required. 

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Hohma 2 January, 9:48 PM

Like the other decentralized exchange it supports fiat and can trade here without having the crypto before, nice. No need in long verification, that is defenetly a big advantage.

Suarez 29 December, 9:20 AM

As I understand, they exchange is going to close. I don't see the other reasons beside that why they could suspend the operations with all trading pairs. They didn't even send any messages. Just suspended.

Max 24 December, 11:02 AM

Smth new at the market, I was attracted by the decentralized structure and the design of the web site, the exchange looks solid and no doubt it is going to develop rapidly soon, but it needs to say that they have to do a lot in order to put the project on the feet, first of all, they have to increase the liquidity, without that, they are not be able to make the next step.

Kevin 2 December, 5:36 AM

I used to trade here from time to time, but I am not able to do that, because all the trading pairs are inactive. I didnt see any messages about it. What's happened? Where is an information about it? It's not a good way of doing business.

Rogue 29 November, 12:53 PM

The exchange isn't fully complete, it's got some bugs, in addition i hope they will release the mobile app, that will be a great feature. I'm going to follow this project, it seems up-and-coming.

Jared 28 November, 12:41 PM

When I try to make a transaction I don't see the final amount of the operation. Probably, it's a bug or maybe it's supposed to work this way. Anyway, I'd like to see that amount, not to calculate it by myself.

Boris 21 November, 9:54 AM

The platform blindsided me and decided to disable all my trades on the platform. That's very interesting why they did that. Doest it mean, that the exchange is a loss-making?

Aphailion 21 October, 8:19 PM


0 star rating!

Aphelion veteran 21 October, 8:03 PM

This exchange project has exit scammed. Ian Holtz should be prosecuted for being a fraud, stealing money and living the luxury life in Bali.

Oliver Platt 14 October, 7:27 PM

What's happened? A couple days ago I found out, that the platform had disabled all the trading pairs. What is that supposed to mean? The exchange is about to close? I don't see any relevant info about it. That's frustrating.

Zvonimir 13 October, 10:43 AM

A small and new place. It's got a number of the features like peer-to-peer trade and decentralized system. The exchange can be quite popular some day. But, at that moment, there a lot of rivals and the aphelion developers have to do their best and resolve the liquidity issue on order to attract the traders.

Heelk 12 October, 11:19 AM

A Brand new exchange. It's a decentralized exchange and it's got its own perspective. But at that moment the liquidity is not so high, and it imposes some limits.