Country: United Kingdom
Launched: 2018
Expert Review
Feb 25, 2021

The aim of ThaneCoin Our is to decentralise the property market. 93% of the funds from the sale of ThaneCoin TPI’s will be invested in properties in the UK. The company Thane Property Investments Ltd was incorporated in the UK in March 2018. The properties will never have any mortgage or loans attached to them. 

The project strongly believes that without the creation of cryptocurrencies the development of the Blockchain will not progress. The ultimate goal of ThaneCoin TPI is to create a system where not only it will be available to purchase properties it can be used for everyday purchases small and large. It will be cheap people’s coin.

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User reviews
Thiru M 14 March 2021

I have faith in this project and have already bought thenecoin on Lobstr.

Nishanthan 14 March 2021

Such a good system! Will definitely recommend to others!

Aso Jan 26 February 2021

This project is why Satoshi Nakamoto created BitCoin for. BTC was created because he saw unfairness in the system. Well done ThaneCoin all the best with your project.

Country: United Kingdom
Launched: 2018
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