Freewallet Is Giving Away $1,000 Worth of BTCV

Freewallet Is Giving Away $1,000 Worth of BTCV
Jun 21, 2021 0
Freewallet Is Giving Away $1,000 Worth of BTCV

Freewallet is one of the well-known brands on the market of multi-currency crypto wallets. The company provides a mobile app Crypto Wallet — user-friendly storage supporting dozens of cryptocurrencies. It has additional features, such as buying crypto coins by card, instant coin swaps, and other actions. 

Freewallet announced a giveaway campaign in partnership with Bitcoin Vault. The campaign will last until June 28. The participants have a chance of winning $100 worth of BTCV.

The conditions are quite simple, so you can take your chance easily. In order to become a part of the giveaway you should follow Freewallet on Twitter, retweet a giveaway announcement (see below), and tag three of your friends. That's it.

Ten winners will be selected randomly. Freewallet is going to reveal the names of the winners one week after the end of the campaign. Freewallet adds that the won coins can be easily exchanged for currencies supported by the platform. As of now, the list of currencies on Freewallet exceeds 150 coins. Another way to spend BTCV quickly is by buying gift cards. Freewallet partners with over 800 brands. You can buy gift cards of these brands right in your Freewallet account and pay with any currency the wallet supports. So there will be no problems with spending your prize if you get some.

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