Best Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Best Ways to Earn Free Crypto
Mar 10, 2022 0
Best Ways to Earn Free Crypto

If you haven't been living under a rock, you are well aware of the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies and how everyone is trying to get their hands on it. However, it is quite tough, and owing to market volatility, there are several risks of loss and investment failure. However, it is enticing, and with the advancement of technology, owning some cryptocurrency on your name may be extremely profitable in the future. 

But not everyone is ready to risk their money to invest on crypto when the market is this unpredictable. So, what if there was a way to start earning crypto for free? Yes, it sounds impossible, but there are some ways that can get you some free crypto so that you can start your crypto journey.  Let’s take a look at some ways that can help in getting free crypto. 

1. Getting Payments in Crypto

You can offer your services or products and ask for crypto as payment. There are many websites that let their customers pay using crypto, like Shopify. You can also use certain business website plugins that make receiving payment in crypto easier.

2. Performing Microtasks

There are a lot of apps these days that reward people for performing microtasks like watching videos, downloading apps, completing online surveys and more. They pay the users in crypto for completing the tasks, and generally, the payment is made in bitcoin. It can be a great way to earn free crypto if you have some free time to kill.

3. Freelance Businesses

Providing freelance services through freelancing business websites can potentially earn some crypto. Ethlance, for example, is a website that offers freelance jobs and pays in Ether. These websites do not charge any fees and make it simple and accessible for anyone to earn cryptocurrency.

4. Crypto Faucets

As the name implies, these apps or websites reward users with cryptocurrency in exchange for completing small tasks such as online surveys, watching videos, downloading apps for testing, and other similar activities. However, the amount in crypto faucets can only be withdrawn after reaching a certain limit, similar to a faucet filling a vessel. 

5. Mining Cryptocurrency 

Many people who are tech aware and can solve complex mathematical problems on their computers are dabbling in crypto mining, particularly Bitcoin mining. It's difficult, but it's doable if you put in the time and effort. Miners use software to solve complicated mathematical calculations that verify transaction blocks. Cryptocurrencies have already been developed within a system that is released to the market once it has been decrypted with legitimate keys. 

6. Cryptocurrency Credit Cards

A crypto credit card operates similarly to those other rewards credit cards, except you'll gain cryptocurrency rather than just cash back or points with every swipe. The points you receive with these cards, like any credit card, are only worthwhile if you avoid paying exorbitant interest rates. If you want to get crypto bonuses with a credit card, keep in mind that you spend just what you can afford to cover off in regular installments each month, so you don't end up with a debt.

7. Interest on Cryptocurrency

You may earn interest on your crypto assets on some few cryptocurrency trading. Staking on various crypto exchanges can potentially make you money. Staking refers to the practice of keeping crypto in your account in order to receive incentives or interests. You need a working account and a cryptocurrency wallet in order to stake any cryptocurrency.

8. Yield Farming

Yield farming is an option for investors to invest and earn profit from their cryptocurrency. It is the method by which an individual possesses crypto and lends it in a crypto lending network. In the end, the person earns cryptocurrency interests. There can be risks, but if you know the market well and understand how it all works, you can make a good profit. 

9. Crypto Ad Networks

Cryptocurrency advertising companies, promote crypto goods, initiatives, cryptocurrency units, and other digital assets. Such networks may be used to market crypto advertisements and lure cryptocurrency dealers. Customers' payments are in the form of cryptocurrency. This might be a fantastic method to make money with cryptocurrency.


Crypto is becoming increasingly popular, and more people are investing in it, making it quite attractive and appealing. However, the market's volatility drives all newcomers away. However, if you want to earn some crypto without investing a lot of money or risking a loss, there are a few ways to receive free bitcoin. When hunting for free cryptocurrencies, however, one must be cautious because there are several scammers and other dangers online. So, before you enter your personal information or any other vital information on a website to earn free bitcoin, always be cautious and thoughtful. 


Can I mine Bitcoin on my phone?
Yes, you can but it won’t be as efficient as doing it on a proper computer system. 

How many Bitcoins does it take to become a whale?
Whales are bitcoin addresses having a balance of 10,000 or more bitcoins.

Who owns the most bitcoin?
Nakamoto owns more Bitcoin than any other organization, with over 1,000,000 BTC.

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