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By Cryptogeek | 21 Aug

Twogap is a Singapore-based company. According to the website of Twogap, the Global Market now is "caught in a middle-volume trap". The goal of Twogap is to create and implement conventional investment products to strengthen the crypto market and increase liquidity. These products are Cryptrostocks, Cryptobonds, and Cryptogoods. Twogap is going to leverage the experience of Securities Market to the cryptocurrency market. First off, Twogap is going to create a Cross-Exchange Protocol that will connect Securities Exchanges with Cryptocurrency Exchange. Moreover, Twogap will provide tools for tokenization of bonds. The platform is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, Twogap partners with Bitmart,, Vinex, Google Cloud, BitBay, IDAX, Bancor, Coinzilla, and many others.


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