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Written by Mirra

Financial journalist

Oct 11, 2019

Envoy is the modern digital marketplace that automates many workflows of international trade. It integrates credit-risk scoring and data analysis. The Envoy platform validates their transactions in a super fast mode. Upon that, the participating entities are going through the full KYC checks.

Envoy bases its performance on the R3 Corda network, that integrates hundreds of banks and financial institutions. The NVOY token was developed on the Stellar blockchain to remove the exchange costs and facilitate the trading process. Blockchain works as a solution to many problems of trade finance, such as double invoicing, fraud, lack of trust and considerable costs. Envoy wallet is the app, where you can operate with the NVOY token.  

As of Feb 2020, the Envoy Group had secured $13m investments to support its further expansion.

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