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May 30, 2020

Anything App is designed to get paid in exchange for the help provided over the phone. The company is aimed at building the ecosystem of people who can ask for help and get assistance via video calls. This type of solving problems is supposed to be easier than looking for solutions on the Internet as this kind of interaction is more empathic and quick than reading texts or posting questions on forums. Moreover, those who provide help are receiving rewards in cryptocurrency (AnyCoin). The users don't have to pay those whose assistance didn't help. Some community members can add a special badge asking not to pay them if their advice didn't help. Anything App has a self-learning search engine that makes the search for possible assistance more effective as time goes by. Sellers (those who give consultations) can set the schedule to avoid the calls in the inappropriate time.

The ecosystem fuel is the AnyCoin currency although there is an option to pay sellers in fiat money. The fee for users paying in fiat currency is 15% while those who use AnyCoin are charged with a 5% fee.


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