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MAKE was promoted as a mobile keyboard platform encouraging users to create and share the contents on social media. MAKE tokens were supposed to reward content creator and be used to make real purchases across the platform. 

MediLiVes is working on telemedicine solutions.Its primary goal is to reduce the expenses associated with medical examinations. In November 2019, MediLiVes presented their healthcare app. 


MIMIC was promoted as a social trading platform. It planned to launch MIMIC tokens, which were supposed to be the utility tokens of the platform. At the time of writing, the project’s website comes offline.

Mindsync aims to solve business problems of customers through offering Artificial Intelligence-based solutions. Using the Mindsync platform and marketplace, businesses crowdsource computing tasks to the community of experts.


The protocol of tokenization, confirmation and transfer of rights to assets through non-fungible tokens The MUST Protocol is an open source protocol designed to confirm, account and manage rights to assets through non-fungible tokens. It offers tools for creating efficient decentralized DApps, ensur...


The Nervos Network represents the entire ecosystem of Nervos and is a collection of protocols, layer 2's and public blockchains underpinned by the Nervos CKB and CKByte token. A core design principle at Nervos is that layer 2 solutions such as side-chains, plasma chains and state channels are the be...

The Orbs network describes itself as a hybrid blockchain that offers practical solutions. Since it is open-source, third-party developers can contribute to the Orbs code. ORBS token is an ERC-20 token with the presale started in mid-2018. The tokens were released in March, 2019. As of now, ORBS is listed by number of exchanges, including OKEx and Bittrex.


The Pavocoin team developed solutions for agriculture ecosystem. It had launched the Ethereum-based PavoCoin (PAVO) to allow settlement between cannabis market participants.

At the time of writing, the Pavocoin website is offline. 

PrepayWay is a blockchain ecosystem that simplifies and streamlines international collaboration, contracting, and payments for companies across multiple industries.

Qravity is a decentralized content production and distribution platform where creators own and profit from their work.


QuickX is a novel protocol designed specifically to cure the many fatal flaws that plague Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies today. It performs transactions off the chain for same Blockchain assets and utilizes pooling facilitators who supply liquidity for cross chain transfers of crypto assets. Throug...

RYFTS is a decentralized raffle platform based on Etherum Smart Contracts. By incorporating the cutting edge benefits and features of smart contracts, blockchain technologies and random number generation, Ryfts provides an honest and totally transparent gambling experience to all people across the w...


Superbloom is a simplified crypto investment platform that believes in aligned incentives and portfolio diversification. Most trading platforms take new token sale listing and transaction fees. Superbloom waives all fees for members while aligning the user with the company. Every year, members recei...

The Tru Reputation Network is the first decentralized Proof of Reputation solution. Backed by patent-pending and revolutionary feedback algorithms that eliminate synthetic feedback- a problem estimated to affect over $320 Billion/14% of E-Commerce sales each year, the Tru Reputation Network seeks to...


Ultra is bringing the blockchain revolution to the gaming industry and creating a fair ecosystem for the future of games distribution. With cutting-edge technology, Ultra aims to shake up the gaming industry by putting the power back into the hands of developers and players, paving the way for a fir...


WeiDex Foundations ultimate aim is to fix the broken blockchain ecosystem on the application layer. The core team decided to start with one of the most fundamental applications for any given network decentralized exchange. Since 2017, weiDex is working on modular blockchain agnostic DApp Ecosy...

Our mission is to firstly assist the innovators and early adopters who have helped bring it thus far and secondly enable the waiting majority to easily enter this exciting space for that inevitable critical mass shift with a simple to use, fast and cost-efficient blockchain- based payment and tradin...

Yondo is the world's first All-In-One Video E-commerce solution with thousands of users in 114 countries. Forbes list Yondo as one of the "Top 9 Must-Have Online Tools" Yondo allows users to sell digital products including Online Videos On Demand and Create Online Video Courses, Live 1-To-1 Video Se...