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Dec 28, 2021

Cryptocurrency Exchange by United Traders

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User reviews
Max_Baks 2 November 2023

utex is unambiguously good, indispensable for usa stocks. for half a year there have been no difficulties, no blocking or delayed withdrawals, although on other foreign platforms it happens all the time. I hope that this will continue.

Pappito_3 2 November 2023

It is a good stock exchange, it is the best thing for a bear market - you can trade shares of American companies while the alts are still standing. I am satisfied with the product, of course there are shortcomings in support, and the interface sometimes slows down, but very rarely. In general, I can safely recommend Utex

bebrik 18 October 2023

If you need to invest in a US stocks, UTEX is a great choice. User-friendly, unobtrusive interface.

And what is important for me - a super skilled support. I have been using it for 3 months, so far everything suits me. I advise you to start with UTEX, liked the exchange and write this review

Montik0 17 October 2023

I like the exchange, the support is fast, they respond in a couple of hours; the commissions if you hold a token are low, at the market level. The terminal is convenient, everything is in one place. I open positions on both crypto and stocks at once. And the main thing is that the exchange has never been hacked once

Darold_Trader11 10 October 2023

I'm a newbie to trading and decided to use UTEX for my start in investing and found some advantages to using UTEX for my trading needs, such as simple interface which I found easy to navigate

Advantages for me:
1. Everything is in one place, with crypto and stocks, it is very convenient to switch between them

2. The exchange is fast. I have not experienced any delays

3. No fees for depositing

The best part is that you can top-up with your credit card. You can also exchange shares for cryptocurrency, which no other company offers

However, nothing is ideal:

1) 0.2% spot fee is because I don't own the token

2) There is no wallet connectivity, only a centralized solution

3) The availability of cryptocurrency pairs on Binance is much higher

Overall, writing this review I could say that I am quite happy with the product (that is why I write this review ha-ha) and have not found any comparable alternatives for trading US stocks. So I would strongly recommend giving it a try

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