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Country: Russia
Launched: 2018

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Sep 10, 2019

B2BX is a Centralized cryptocurrency exchange based in Russia. The exchange was launched in 2018.

B2BX doesn't have fiat deposits option but has margin trading option available. B2BX has 9 available trading order types, which can be suitable both for beginners and advanced traders. Also, it has a big liquidity pool. According to the exchange website it fluctuates within 35-50 mln.$ per day. 

B2BX has 2fa security and KYC verification procedure. The exchange also has its own B2BX token. 

Regarding the fee, for takers it is about 0.30%.  Makers usually have a 0.10% discount and thus have to pay only 0.20%. If you pay trading fee with the B2BX-token, you receive a 35% discount. Another helpful feature of B2BX exchange is an additional level of security via B2BINpay. It helps to provide secure payment gateway and doesn’t impact on the speed of deposits and withdrawals. In addition, the trader’s funds are usually stored in cold wallets and the exchange lets just small amounts rest on hot wallets. 

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Neprun 7 January, 2:24 PM

B2BX provides fast speed for the transactions. In addition, it doesn’t have fee a big for the withdrawals .Also, I like big variety of the coins and I have a big opportunity to trade.

Nabir 1 December, 8:21 PM

A Cozy exchange. It's not that big and there aren't a lot of pairs and coins.But I made here some operations with their own b2bx coin and it get some discount. It's a common practice for the that kind of the exchange. The coin works and gets me some profit, it's not that huge, actualy, but it's fine with me.

Pasha 13 October, 11:45 AM

For this kind of exchange it has unreasonably high fee, like 0.2 or 0.3 %. In addition, the platform is not regulated as I understand. Traders funds are at the great risk. Maybe, it has some sense to trade with the small funds.

Roman 10 October, 11:24 AM

The exchange is developing in the right direction, trying to make the platform more secure and solid. But still, they don't have a great support, that's an important thing I guees. My replies still are not answered, the support service is not the best part of this exchange

Huet 8 October, 9:32 PM

I can’t trade with the fiat. Moreover, in order to get the opportunity to trade I am supposed to exchange something here. I don’t think it’s convenient for many users. Otherwise, the exchange seems fine. It can help to get some knowledge and information about crypto exchange system.

Ondrey 7 October, 9:49 AM

I wouldn’t believe this exchange. It seems to me that the information of the coins are calculated on the random basis. That’s weird to see such a huge volume on such a small platform. But the website looks cool but I’d keep an eye out.

Denis 6 October, 10:17 AM

This is really small exchange with the really small volume. They are trying to fake it, I’ve seen that some of the volume coin is exaggerated. So, that’s why sometimes it’s hard to get the accurate data here.

Amir 3 October, 2:46 PM

This is really small exchange with the really small volume. They are trying to fake it, I’ve seen that some of the volume coin is exaggerated. So, that’s why sometimes it’s hard to get the accurate data here. You can't be sure what the true price of the coin here.

Phoenix 1 October, 5:37 PM

I would recommend to use BBX.i believe it has everything that should have a prompt exchange and even more, I mean by that the BBX mobile app. That's an important for me, cause I don't have opportunity to use the computer or laptop a lot, but the phone is always by me and bbx app helps trading this way.

Piter 27 September, 7:11 PM

The exchange faces the common problem. It has an extremely long verification. I was ready to trade. But? C’mon, I’ve been waiting for almost a month to get the opportunity to use the platform. I don’t know why not to make this process easier and faster? An unanswerable question.