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Jun 02, 2020

Cardano is a blockchain-based ecosystem using a currency of the same name (ADA) as a fuel. It is regarded as one of the third-generation blockchain platforms. Currently, Cardano can be used to host smart contracts.

The project was launched by one of the former Etherum co-founders Charles Hoskinson. The network was created in 2017 and quickly gained significant traction.

As the platform was developed by the people with good knowledge of the Ethereum architecture, it's not a surprise that Cardano is free of many known issues associated with Ethereum. It is considered that Cardano has improved security and better scalability in comparison to Ethereum.

In order to make the platform more scalable, the Cardano developers created an Ouroboros PoS algorithm that serves as a basis for the Cardano architecture.

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Launched: 2017
Launched: 2017