Take Part in the BitOnyx Trading Contest!

Take Part in the BitOnyx Trading Contest!
Feb 05, 2021 3
Take Part in the BitOnyx Trading Contest!

On February 5, 2021, an established HitBTC announced a new trading contest. This time crypto exchange challenges you to trade as many BitOnyx (BTNYX) tokens as possible. The conditions are quite easy to grasp. The exchange is going to reward several users gaining the biggest BTNYX trading volume gained in a contest period. The contest will last for two weeks from February 15th (starts at 0:00 UTC) to February 28th (finishes at 23:59 UTC).

The prize pool of 20,000 BTNYX will be distributed among 10 winners ranked by the BTNYX trade volume. The absolute winner is going to get 6,000 BTNYX. The second position grants a prize of 4,000 BTNYX. The third biggest trader will have 3,000 BTNYX. The fourth best result gets the contestant a prize of 2,000 BTNYX. The winner in the fifth position will enjoy 1,000 BTNYX. The rest five positions give the equal rewards of 800 BTNYX. The traders interested in the contest may apply here.

About HitBTC Exchange

For years, HitBTC has been holding trading contests on its platform. This way exchange is widening the diversity of traders' portfolios and gives the title currency an enhanced flow. People learn of new coins and boost their market traction. All the sides involved in the contest benefit from the action. Of course, the most obvious and unmistakable winners are the those who literally win in the contest as they make excessive profits while trading and then get rewarded by the exchange for their bright trading performance expressing in the highest trading volume

The exchange has existed for over 8 years and was one of the first crypto exchanges providing hundreds of crypto coins. The architecture of HitBTC was mimicked by many exchanges that were launched in the following years and the influence of HitBTC is undisputable. The very fact that after that long period of service the exchange itself didn't lose the contest on the competitive crypto exchange market speaks volumes of the qualification of its team.

About BitOnyx

BitOnyx (BTNYX) is a native token of the AI-managed trading platform of the same name. The platform is capable of 24/7 fully automated trading. It is based on a machine-learning protocol and neural algorithm. The easy BitOnyx interface allows observing several trading platforms simultaneously and maintaining a trading process executed by ever-improving AI. 

The algorithms are aimed at low-risk trading through the use of indicators that have proven their efficiency. The platform is capable of applying over 70 techniques of market analysis at the same time monitoring hundreds of markets simultaneously. While trading, BitOnyx studies the trading strategies from multiple exchanges.

The three pillars of BitOnyx are a built-in forecasting system, artificial neural networks, and a smart-trading system. The forecasting system combines stochastic algorithms, game theory, and psychology. Processing an excessive amount of big data while applying the mentioned methods, BitOnyx is capable of providing the high precision forecasts. Artificial neural networks develop the past forecasts' figures into more accurate predictions for the following periods. The neural networks make it possible for BitOnyx to self-learn. A Smart-trading system is responsible for selecting the best strategies while trading. In some sense, it's a tactical tool. 

The token hit the market only 3 months ago — in early November 2020. It started at the price of more than 7 cents. In mid-December, the token has come through a serious downfall declining to a $0.17 level. In January BTNYX experienced an improvement in price rising to a $0.3 mark. At the end of January, the token price saw a powerful spike gaining 400% in two days. Then a slight correction has followed. As of February 5, the price is $0.71. 

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