The Role of Digital Currencies in The New Era of Open Finance: How Can Crypto Play Its Part?

The Role of Digital Currencies in The New Era of Open Finance: How Can Crypto Play Its Part?
Jul 16, 2021 1
The Role of Digital Currencies in The New Era of Open Finance: How Can Crypto Play Its Part?

Looking back two decades ago today, you'd be amazed at the revolution in the banking sector. Experts argue that customers have become very tech-savvy hence demanding more sophisticated services. These customer demands have been one of the forces behind the open banking revolution. Technology has also played a vital role in the banking sector revolution as it has done in the casino industry. Technology has led to the rise of online casinos like the Spin Casino, where players can enjoy their favorite games like roulette online from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, the open finance revolution has also affected the online casino industry in different ways.

The Next Step in Open Finance Revolution

Experts argue that as open finance emerges, the next step in the innovation journey is Cryptocurrencies. Studies show that digital currencies are approaching the phase of mainstream adoption. As that happens, there will be significant changes in the payments landscape. 
For instance, PayPal started allowing consumers to use their cryptocurrency holdings to pay at their numerous merchants around the world. On the other hand, Tesla, a global giant in car manufacturing, bought 1.5 billion USD in Bitcoin
Other reports suggest that Diem, Facebook’s rebranded Libra crypto project, will launch its USD stable coins this year. Other giant financial operators like Visa and MasterCard are also embracing crypto.

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

There is also an emergence of Central Bank Digital Currencies. For example, the Bahamas launched The Sand Dollar, which is the first nationwide central bank digital currency in the world, in October 2020.
On the other hand, China launched the digital Yuan, and the British government has tasked its central bank to establish a digital currency. The digital currency will co-exist with the Sterling, and it will be dubbed Britcoin. 
For the CBDCs to be adopted and accepted, central banks will need to assure users that the CBDCs are safe and efficient payments. They also have to back the CBDCs with efficient policy frameworks. They will also need to perform stress tests on the payment habits to determine how the CBDC would be dependable in extreme situations.

Convenience of De-Centralized Finance (Defi)

It is expected that the innovations and convenience of open finance will automatically reduce the gap between the blockchain space and traditional financial systems. As the use of Cryptocurrencies increases, they will gradually penetrate the big industries that offer large ticket and high-volume goods and services. 
Cryptocurrencies usually reduce the complexity for consumers and merchants through a single-integration approach to payments. This convenience drives growth and innovation.

Fierce Competition

Fierce competition from challenger banks has forced legacy banks to revise their approach. They have acknowledged that they cannot keep using the basic interface if they are to maintain their loyal customers and grow. Instead, there is a need for a data-driven and personalized customer experience. 
Open finance provides the basis for enhanced customer experience. It acts as the catalyst for the new era of banking. Open finance extends data sharing across a wide range of services that go beyond the financial sector. 
As a result, there is less friction for consumers as their financial service providers can help them sort different aspects of their lives. This enables the financial service providers to offer other services like tracking spending and managing budgets. All these services will also help to improve the financial literacy of the consumers.

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Emma Coleman
19 July 2021
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