Teaching Cryptocurrency Mining as a Practical Skill in the Classroom

Teaching Cryptocurrency Mining as a Practical Skill in the Classroom
Jul 19, 2023 2
Teaching Cryptocurrency Mining as a Practical Skill in the Classroom

The topic of money is important in the life of every person. Even though it’s not typical to discuss this topic, it’s understandable that we all want to earn enough to provide our families with everything they need; we want our children to go to the best schools and colleges, we want to have beautiful and modern houses and nice cars in a garage, we want to travel first class and spend a holiday on the Maldives. And at the same time, almost every generation has to deal with some serious problems. Just remember: The Great Depression, World War II, and the years after it to recover, the crisis at the beginning of the 2000s. People are so used to the possibility of losing money and wealth that they are constantly thinking about ways to guarantee the well-being of their families. But as it happens to any new idea, people are at first very skeptical about it. Like when writing services were just becoming popular, people were very cautious about it, and only after reading, for example, speedy paper reviews did people start eagerly using outside assistance with their college papers. Just remember how some people didn’t trust banks and didn’t want to keep money in the bank. Or like someone was anxious about using plastic cards. Now the same thing happens with cryptocurrency. Some people think that in the future, there will be no “physical” money, and everyone will use only crypto. Others think that it’s all a big scam and don’t trust the first ones. But anyway, in order to make some conclusions or assumptions, it is always important to know the topic thoroughly. And here lies the problem because pretty often, we don’t study a lot of useful information at school or in college. For example, no one taught us in high school about taking loans, mortgages, how to pay taxes, and many other things, including cryptocurrency. That is why in this article, we decided to think about how teaching cryptocurrency mining can turn into a practical skill in the classroom. 

What is cryptocurrency?

In a nutshell, it is digital money that represents some value. If you worry whether it is legitimate, you need to know that cryptography is used to guarantee security during all the operations that can be done with it, like creation and distribution. What everyone among its fans like is that cryptocurrency, in most cases, is neither controlled by banks nor governments; or any other third party. There are two types of crypto: coins and tokens. And maybe the most well-known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

Why study cryptocurrency at school?

Every parent nowadays understands that pocket money should be called “online money”. Fewer and fewer children of different ages use cash; almost all the time, they spend money either online or using a card, ApplePay, or GooglePay. Yes, some kids have piggy banks, but it’s more like a cute old-school tradition. What for us seemed to be something extraordinary when only appeared; for modern children; it is something they can’t imagine their life without. For example, when we were studying at school, it was hard to imagine that you could just click on https://writepaperfor.me/pay-for-essays and get your essay written within the deadline and in accordance with your instructions. Right now, kids don’t even doubt that if they don’t have time or opportunity to write essays or any other assignment, they will use the help of a writing service. But in order to do it, in most cases, you have to pay online. And that’s where you have to be very careful. Many kids make payments or order something online, but they have no idea how to be careful, how to protect their personal data, and what to do if there is a possibility that their data is stolen. One of the greatest problems with education at schools is that they don’t prepare children for today’s realities. Considering the development of the world and global economy, the lack of financial literacy can cause serious problems already in the near future.  

How to deal with it?   

Many people and sometimes schools are trying to somehow solve this problem of the lack of relevant courses. For example, there is “The Bitcoin Academy'' for kids starting from the age of 5, which was organized by Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey. There are also special online platforms; one of them is Class Dojo, which is used by around 50 million school children all over the globe. And thanks to some courses, children are learning about online crypto wallets, different financial structures, and financial literacy. And it is very important to learn how not to give a lot of control to banks and how to take care of their wealth themselves. That’s exactly why we think that in case of having such a possibility, it’s very important for anyone, especially young children, to start to learn cryptocurrency from the early years, as it will be very helpful in the future.

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