AdEx (ADX) Price Prediction 2020-2025 - Do Not Invest Till You Read It

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AdEx (ADX) Price Prediction 2020-2025 - Do Not Invest Till You Read It

AdEx (or ADX) is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. It is a native token of the AdEx platform that was launched in 2016. AdEx stands for "Advertising Exchange". The platform is aimed at solving the known ad market issues via the implementation of blockchain technology. The ADX token is used to place ads on the platform. In the future, the token is going to move to the NEO blockchain.

In the summer of 2017, after the successful ICO, ADX tokens appeared on the exchanges. Currently, the coin is available on over 10 trading platforms, including Huobi Global, Huobi Korea, Binance, Bittrex, HitBTC, Upbit, IDEX, VCC Exchange, and others.

  1. The AdEx Platform Highlights
  2. The ADX Token
  3. Past Performance
  4. Price Prediction

The AdEx Platform Highlights

AdEx is a decentralized platform that connects advertisers and publishers directly, letting them decide on prices and conditions of cooperation without the participation of the third party. The companies will be able to track original analytic data.

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AdEx Platform

Moreover, the users are allowed to adjust the ads they prefer to see making the targeting system more accurate and appropriate both for sellers and consumers. Advertisers will be able to receive such user data as shopping habits and sympathy for certain brands.

Additionally, in order to maintain privacy, the platform users will be able to regulate the flow of the data collected by third parties. Some consider that AdEx even has the potential to replace the existing advertising platforms although we are sure that rivals won't give up and the diversity will win in this battle.

Another notable problem that AdEx is going to address is the misuse of the user data. We all know that lately there were lots of incidents (some were scandalous) when the companies that collect user data illegally sell it. In some cases, these data get stolen. AdEx has tools to let users control their data and prevent unwanted use of it by any parties including perfect strangers. Another solution supported by AdEx is sharing the anonymized data.

There is a key difference between AdEx and its most popular rival — the Brave platform. Unlike Brave, AdEx is not limited to the use of the only browser. This platform is compatible with all known browsers and this fact can be considered as the main selling point of this platform in terms of comparison to the Brave ecosystem.

The ADX Token

During the ICO held in June 2017, the ADX token has raised around $12 million in the course of only 8 hours. That was a time of huge public and business interest in the cryptocurrency sphere. The ICO token price was set at $0.2399 — at least twice as high as the current market price (the article is written in early March 2020). The highest point (if we speak of price) was an early January of 2018 — as you might know, that's not a special ADX case as many other cryptocurrencies had reached their ATH those days. So the following downtrend is not necessarily a sign that the project is doomed. Rather it more natural pricing — free of the influence of the overblown public euphoria over the cryptocurrencies that took place at the end of 2017 — the beginning of 2018. The ICO success was also a result of the extremely fast growth of the crypto market of the second half of 2017 to some extent (although we shouldn't underestimate the effort put into this success by the AdEx team, as well).


In the time of writing this article, the market price of ADX is roughly $0.09 while capitalization fluctuates up and down around the mark of $8 million.

Past Performance

When the token first hit the market it was traded for around $0.2 per 1 ADX. Those days, the coin was available on HitBTC. Since the middle of July when the initial hype began to calm down, the price decreased to roughly $0.12.

July 2017

Nevertheless, in August it surpassed the mark of $1 for the first time. Throughout the fall of 2017, the price was struggling to preserve the level of $1 per ADX token. In October the token was listed on a huge Korean exchange Upbit but it didn't help the price that much. Only in November when ADX was listed on Binance, its price began to grow above the support level of $1. It coincided with the dramatic growth of the entire cryptocurrency market so it's hard to tell in listing on Binance played a crucial role.

November 2017

In early January of 2018, the price of ADX reached its all-time high (it was trading at approximately $3.5). Since the second half of January, the price slowly began to meltdown. Even the fact that the coin got listed on such a big exchange as Huobi on January 17 didn't change the downward trend. By early February, the price got lower $1 although it kept flip-flopping around that mark for a month and ultimately dropped below the $1 level only by March 10.

December 2018

During 2018 (most part of that year is often referred to as "crypto winter") the price was traveling from $1 to $0.1 and back. Mostly at that period, ADX was traded for around half of the US dollar. At the beginning of the true winter (the calendar one), the price of the AdEx token decreased even harder than before and reached a $0.09 level. Throughout the winter the price was fluctuating. Most of the time it was slightly above $0.1 but at times it dropped below. In March of 2019, the ADX price began to climb up reaching the level of $0.15 at some points. In April the positive trend continued with new heights at $0.18. In the following months, the price wasn't growing. It rather was hovering around the levels of March and April. By the end of summer, the negative tendencies had overtaken the ADX market and the price has dropped below $0.1 again.

November 2019

By the beginning of March 2020, the price was fluctuating around the mark of $0,08 and the market capitalization was hovering from 7 to almost 9 thousand US dollars.

Price Prediction


Despite the fact that throughout the time ADX price survived a series of falls and not many ups, many predict that already this year we will see a different picture. It is predicted that by the end of 2020 the price will reach from $0.11 to $0.15. Such figures are made with the help of technical analysis solely.

Now let's look at the surrounding situation. The AdEx devs have created a decent platform dealing with the ads market and the topic becomes more popular these days. Investors have a good chance to buy ADX now when the price is low. There are chances that it will drive the ADX market and this or the next year we will observe a change of the trend. Moreover, 2020 is the year of a scheduled halving of the Bitcoin mining reward. It is a commonplace belief that this event will lead to a growth of the Bitcoin price. It can trigger the rise of the entire cryptocurrency market. Another reason for the bullish forecast is the signs of the financial crisis emerging in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic news and other factors. The crisis of traditional financial systems paths the way to the cryptocurrency adaption. So our prediction is $0.12 per 1 ADX by the end of 2020.


It is likely that AdEx token is a long term investment and the rise of its price in 2020 won't be just an episode before the next meltdown. Technical analysis (depending on methods) shows that in December of 2023 the ADX price can reach at least $1.9. The most optimistic forecasts name even the price of around $3.3 but basically the algorithms predict that the price will rather be closer to $2 - $2.4.

There is not much info about the upcoming cryptocurrency-related events scheduled for 2023. Lately, the market has become a bit restrained. People don't believe the hype that much and act with caution. The situation being what it is, long term forecasts based on tech analysis tend to be too bullish. Taking all these things into consideration, we think that actually the less optimistic forecast for the ADX price for 2023 is the most realistic. By the end of 2023, the price will reach $2 at best.


Considering the fact that little by little blockchain and cryptocurrencies become a fact of many people's reality, 2025 can be the time of greater support for cryptocurrencies and DLT-based projects due to the presence of actual use cases. By some estimates, in 2030 a huge part of Millenials will become crypto holders. In 2024 there is a scheduled Bitcoin mining reward halving. All these factors combined can drive the price of ADX up. By that time it can turn into a veteran project with a huge road behind its back, established partnerships, and strong team. Most probably the price will increase better in 2024 - 2025 than between 2020 and 2023. The only probable reason for the low price in that period can be the overwhelming success of one of the AdEx's rivals.

The technical analysis-based predictions promise that the price is going to surpass the level of $3 by December of 2025. On the other hand, some algorithms use the methodology that predicts the price drop after 2023. According to them, in 2025 the ADX price will fluctuate on the level slightly above $1. Nevertheless, we tend to trust more bullish forecasts as the overall environment of the cryptocurrency market will probably be better than now or in the closest years. We assume that the ADX price has all the chances to reach $3 in 2025.

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