Was ist Ziel-Tag für XRP, XLM und Monero

Sep 09, 2019

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Unlike traditional crypto (Ripple), (XLM) and (XMR), some don't have obvious, but very important reservations when it comes to coin management. To fully control these assets, you need to familiarize yourself with some nuances.

What is target day?

You may find that you have the same XRP address as the other users on the exchange service. It happens that exchanges often use one XRP address for all of their XRP traders. The only difference is the target tag, a short piece of free code that assigns your transaction to a specific account. The target tag is mandatory for the overwhelming majority of transactions. As soon as you set random numbers or inappropriate values ​​instead of the required combination, you will lose your money. Either the funds will be sent to other users that have the combination as a tag, or to exchange storage as an unallocated transaction.

The target tag purpose is to identify the recipient.It transaction is like the number of rooms. If you live in the same building, you must use your exact room number. If you live in a private house, you won't need it.

How to use target tag?

. provides each user with their own wallet address. However, when it comes to exchanging your coins with centralized services, the target day becomes mandatory.

What is a unique wallet address?

Unique or fee for registration is special for Ripple and Stellar. You have to pay 20 XRP or 1 XLM for address capture in the blockchain. This will be an unspendable balance, which is a fee to prevent the entire network from spam attacks. In other cryptocurrencies you don't have to pay for address entry, except for

Target day free of charge

If you want to use the safekeeping free wallet for Ripple, Stellar, Monero, other top coins and all tokens - download and install the first multi-asset wallet with build-in atomic swap. You will have your own address for all coins and you will be target day free.

If Crypto has received, only the "Target Tag" field is left blank. If filling in the field is mandatory, just put random number here. You will definitely get the money. And when sending coins to someone else, simply send the destination tag to a recipient.

Main rule: Ripple - 20 XRP / Stellar 1 XLM

Observe minimum deposit requirements for all safekeeping free portfolios: