Private Keys

Sep 09, 2019

How private keys work


That is why we use a 12 word mnemonic seed. Mnemonic seeds are kept in a secured key store and fully encrypted. Only with the master password can you get access to the semen. This also requires some special effort on the part of the user to prevent loss of funds.

From Mnemonic HD folders

Users strongly use HD wallets recommended for security reasons. First of all, HD wallet can only be secured with one seed set. Addresses and resources can also be bound to restore them.

How does mnemonic reveal access to addresses and private keys?

All of your funds are stored on the blockchain. To access them you need to use private keys. Mnemonic Seed contains all private keys, basically folders HD decipher mnemonic seeds and can give to users as a set of private keys and public addresses: ,,, and others ...

Let's take a closer look at the process

How Mnemonic Seed Generates?

It is almost impossible to hack them. Mnemonic is the "root" of the tree, as it is algorithmically converted into all private keys in the wallet.That single key does not replace other private keys used, but is used to generate them.

The advantage of HD folders

Therefore, all wallet backups must be saved by everyone and each private key used as an address, as well as a buffer of 100 or so future keys that have already been issued as addresses but have not yet been received with payments.

What is a private key?

Im Rahmen der ein Jeder private Schlüssel wird als Signatur der Öffentlichkeit Adresse angebracht. Es ist alles über die blockchain propagiert und ist für jedermann zugänglich. Aber zu gewinnen Zugang zu den Fonds auf sie die privaten Schlüssel erforderlich ist.

Wie werden private Schlüssel in gespeichert?

Wenn Sie Atomic Wallet installiert und ein neues Konto der kleinen Datei erscheint auf dem Gerät erstellen. Es enthält zufällig mnemonic Samen und vollständig verschlüsselt erzeugt. Nur Sie haben Zugriff auf diese Datei und Sie es nur steuern. Im Fall des Verlustes gibt es keine Möglichkeit, den Zugriff auf Ihr Geld zu gewinnen, außer durch den mnemonic Samen.

Private Key Sicherheit Hinweis:

Private keys give you access to funds stored on your public address. It is therefore important to keep them in a safe place where no unauthorized person can access them. Private keys can be kept on computer files that are printed on paper or stored in a key store.

Backup with mnemonic seeds

If something goes wrong you can easily recover your money via backup set or export it through a private key. Here's a process on how to restore access to your wallet from Mnemonic Seed.


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