Wie zu erkennen, Crypto Betrug?

Sep 18, 2019

How to recognize crypto scam

Spam, scum or SCAM? There is only one rule in a decentralized world. Let's explore the basic ways to protect yourself from scammers in the crypto industry

Scammer detection is easy. Here is a checklist that can help you do that:

Have each case checked individually.

Check the sender login in posts

You can find the Atomic team on social media searched for "@atomicwallet". That is the only login we use. If you see something else you should - this is not us who is not our contribution and this is a scam. In addition, we do not make ETH giveaways and never do so. Remember it and you won't fall prey to a social media scam.

Check a domain

When checking a domain, you need to see "Atomic Protocol" and "https" security in your browser address bar. Make sure you can check connection security. If you can't, it's a phishing website. The domain must be exact: atomicwallet.io, with no additions as in the previous example, and the file installed must have our logo. The original page looks like this:

check application developers

When surfing the internet or play market, pay attention to the developer name. You don't have to see "Atomic Wallet", no other names. On the screen below, you can see a completely different "Atomic Wallet" that is not related to us in any way. It's someone else's app.

To verify

the email sender address

The address of the email must contain the "O" letter content, no zero "0", no upper letters, such as "AT0MICWALLET.IO" etc. The only email domain from Atomic Wallet is valid for communication: atomicwallet. io. This is the area where you can and the domain you receive emails from us.

Check admin login for telegram

eine festgelegte Nachricht in unserem Telegramm Chat prüfen und sicherzustellen, dass Sie in Kontakt mit einem unserem offiziellen admins in der Nachricht aufgeführt. Wenn es jemand anderes, dann ist es ein Betrug!

Die Liste der nevers

Um sich vor Betrügern zu schützen, die Sie im Auge einige Dinge ertragen müssen, dass Sie nie tun werden, unabhängig von den Umständen ab.

Wir haben nie für Ihre privaten Schlüssel oder mnemonic Phrase fragen. Ihre Schlüssel werden in verschlüsselter Weise nur auf dem Gerät gespeichert und wir sie nie für einen bestimmten Zweck benötigen. Ihr Backup-Satz ist der wichtigste Teil der Mittel Sicherheit.

Vorsicht vor Betrügern, die Ihnen diese Informationen fragen:

NIE jemand eine Anzahlung senden!

We never ask your money to fix some problems! Your assets are securely stored on the blockchain, even if for some reason it doesn't appear in your wallet.

Atomic Wallet is a decentralized app, we do not store any data from you, so your money is completely under your control.Bear is in mind and you will be immune to scammer attacks.

We are sure that you will be careful and careful i to keep your money safe! Download our wallet at AtomicWallet.io ???? and enjoy crypto managed securely!