Fusion AMA

Sep 09, 2019

On Tuesday, July 30, we had an AMA session with that technology environment that offers a new future-oriented application or cost-saving solution for businesses in our environment. Our guests were Dejun (DJ) Qian, fusion founder, John Liu, product officer and Yona Takac, community manager. Here are the main points of the meeting: Please, welcome Dejun (DJ), John (J), Yona (Y) and the questions from our telegram chat members (Q)


DJ: Fusion offers a protocol and infrastructure to fund the future. Financial institutions could use merger to connect value and easily create financial instruments, including some self-made financial instruments.

Y: Fusion is a non-profit foundation. The fusion network is powered by our local token 'FSN', which is used as gas for transactions. The FSN token will also secure a DCRM license for projects that use DCRM technology from the Fusion Blockchain.

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DJ: Good question! From the beginning we asked ourselves what is the biggest problem in the financial sector? Every transaction in today's financial world needs central custody. The stock market needs custody, house must sell custody, bond trading must also detention. Also crypto exchange of our today we also have to deposit our crypto on these exchanges. What happens if we could build a decentralized custody service? No one or institution could hack it. Two parties each, if they want to exchange two types of assets, they no longer need intermediaries. Then we build DCRM, and that's the basis of the merger.

DJ: setting up a node is not that difficult, the response rate is really impressive. currently around 44% per year.

Y: We are actively looking for partners to extend both the OTC and OTC derivatives market. It is one of our strategic product targets in Q4 as the quantum swap + timeout market is already a full-fledged, decentralized OTC market.

DJ: That's a very good question! Adoption is very important for the blockchain industry. However, it is the biggest challenge for blockchain industry as well. The home engagement adoption team could also be useful. Fusion operates our own engagement team. In the meantime, I think blockchain requires a whole new way of adoption. I am not sure if you are aware of our new innovative licensing model. Actually, we don't use adoptors fee licensing model, but offer partners an opportunity to charge their own Fusion technology and grow along with Fusion. In this way, they do not have to spend money on research and development, but they could immediately have technology of interoperability. I think it will be very interesting and attractive.

Y: Fusion has custom-built an innovative blockchain for decentralized finance. Fusion Network uses unique evidence of the share consensus algorithm that is currently used to support consensus support via Fusion MainNet that runs smoothly with more than 300 nodes participating in the consensus. We can take a closer look at some of our key features:

Other exciting features include a simple 'create asset' feature that removes the role of smart contract writing from digital asset creation. Asset enhancement feature to create non-fungible assets and improve assets with data and convertible supplies. Multi-Swap to facilitate the peer-to-peer exchange of many-to-many assets. Short account number, 3-6 digit number to replace, long and cumbersome public addresses. And many other exciting innovations!

Y: Fusion will be the blockchain protocol for everything that AXP builds, from vehicles and personal identities to insurance digitization, loans and purchases. We start digitizing with loans and digital packaging them in asset-backed securities. they have real customers, an existing network of dealers and partnership with Signal Auto Lenders.

DJ: We're already executing a plan for expansion worldwide. Our team is currently spread across America, Asia, Europe and Africa. And India is full of talent. We are looking into it.

J: Of course, we assumed that digital assets (aka cryptocurrencies) are the next era of evolution. It's why we started Fusion. The hurdles for "legitimizing" digital currencies or mainstream adoption are already being crossed by the many public ones (the European governments - Liechtenstein, Malta) and private institutions (JPM, Facebook) and the various payment (credit / debit) solutions

The biggest problem that we see and seen from the beginning is the interoperability aspect. A blockchain is only as strong as the range of its network. If these assets become wildly successful in their network but cannot interact with other networks - then we have not unlocked the potential of digital assets.

DJ: I want to mention one key word: connection! In fact, in today's financial world, value is housed very silos. That is why we have seen so many OTC markets for different financial instruments. Fusion builds protocol to connect them together.The team is working very hard on DCRM. We will announce when it is ready.We were happy to host (Twitter -) on our telegram. Thanks to the team and all members of the session! Always be up to date about the next AMAs and other project with Atomic Wallet, and see you soon!