Terms of use

Please read the Terms and Conditions ("Terms") before you start using a Cryptogeek wallet ("Service") by Cryptogeek ("we"). Terms apply to everyone ("you") visiting the Cryptogeek website or using the Cryptogeek wallet.

General Conditions

Using the Service

  • you acknowledge you are a person of the full legal age
  • you don't violate any laws
  • you ensure you don't need special legal approval or authorization to perform transactions via the Service
  • you realize the risks associated with cryptocurrencies and use it in your goodwill and don't act on behalf of a third party nor to the interest of another person
  • you ensure the assets you store/transfer via the Cryptogeek wallet are not subjected to any kind of legal dispute and are not under seizure, and third parties don't have any rights to cryptocurrencies you operate via the Service
  • you have enough experience with cryptocurrencies and know the principles of work of cryptocurrency wallets
  • you guarantee you have no prior bans from the Service

Using the Service, you agree that you bear all the responsibility for your actions or inactions while using the Cryptogeek wallet. We need this point to ensure that any law violations you can be involved in using the Service cannot jeopardize our company. So the use of the Cryptogeek wallet supposes that you will not:

  • use the Service to participate in or support illegal gambling activities, money laundering, any scam or terroristic activities, and other unlawful activities
  • use accounts or try to login to accounts belonging to other users without their voluntary permission given beforehand
  • use any software not provided by the Service to obtain data not available for you or access the Cryptogeek wallet account(s) or our servers
  • use the Service in a way that will interfere with other users or harm the normal work of our Service
  • provide false, misleading, or inaccurate data
  • create applications interacting with our Service without our written permission
  • encourage anyone to do any of the above

To communicate with you, we use the email you provide, so it's up to you to maintain your access to your inbox. Otherwise, we won't be able to reach out to you and won't be responsible for that. If you are not checking your email, your address is blocked, or you provided an incorrect email address, we won't be able to communicate with you. In this case, you cannot plead ignorance if you don't receive correspondence from Cryptogeek.

Limitations of supported cryptocurrencies

Our Service allows you to send crypto assets to and from the third party wallets in the cases when it doesn't contradict the terms from the previous chapter. From time to time the Service updates limitations associated with such transactions. When critical updates take place, we inform you via the email address provided by you.

The Ethereum addresses we use are ERC20 compliant. It doesn't mean that the Cryptogeek wallet supports all the ERC20 tokens. Even if you send some unsupported tokens to a Cryptogeek address and see the corresponding data on the blockchain, the tokens won't show up on your Cryptogeek balance. If these tokens get listed at some point, you will be able to use these assets.

We stress that the Cryptogeek wallet does not interact with any tokens classified as a security by the SEC or similar bodies of power. This clause shouldn't be taken as any sort of investment/professional/legal advice asserting that a certain asset is not a security. The burden of responsibility that the asset is not a security lies on the issuer, not Cryptogeek. We can stop all the transactions associated with an asset if we believe it can be classified as a security.

Services limitations

We have the right to suspend or terminate your access to the Service or limit the number of functions available to you. The reasons for that can be different, including your residency, and others. If some limitations are applied to you, you should adjust the way you use the Service in order to fit in the limited functionality. Otherwise, you will breach the Terms. Our service cannot be held accountable for any losses, harm, damages, data loss associated with limitations applied to your account.

Consents and authorizations

By using the Service, you entrust the safety of your data and assets stored on a Cryptogeek wallet to us. We reserve the right to choose how to provide funds security, whether it is diversification, storage split between hot and cold wallets, or other methods.

On top of that, by using the Service, you agree that all communication between you and us will occur through the email address you provide while registering. You may send our support team a withdrawal notice to cease communication via email. If you do, we may terminate or suspend your account.

By accepting these Terms, you also accept our Privacy Policy. You can familiarize yourself with it here: https://cryptogeek.info/en/wallet/privacy-policy.


By using the Service, you agree to pay fees charged for certain actions/transactions. The fees are not constant; We may change them from time to time. You will pay two categories of fees:

  • Transaction fees. We charge them for exchange transactions and withdrawals operated via the Cryptogeek wallet.
  • Account fees. These fees are charged for the maintenance of your Cryptogeek account.

You consent to Us to charge or deduct your Cryptogeek digital assets as fees associated with your transactions between the Service and third-party platforms.

We have the right to reward users. Rewards can have a form of a discount for our services or other forms.

Account and verifications

Using the Service requires creating a Cryptogeek account. Without an account, you won't be able to use the entire set of features available for Cryptogeek wallet users. "Cryptogeek Account" is a User account activated after the User's registration on the Service. This Cryptogeek Account will be used by the Service on behalf of a User to store and operate crypto assets.

To set up an account, you must provide a valid email address. It will be used for your identification and communication between you and the Service. The verified email may not coincide with the login email.

When you set up an account, the Service generates private and public keys to your wallet needed for storing assets and operations. As Cryptogeek is a hosted wallet, there is no way for anyone to retrieve private keys.

In case Cryptogeek considers activity on your account suspicious, We will conduct an AML/KYC procedure. The procedure may require you to provide your ID photo, screenshots showing the source of your incoming transactions, and other data needed to ensure that your account is free from unauthorized use. If some of the personal data provided to the Service earlier is changed, you are obliged to inform Cryptogeek of the changes, so we can confirm your identity during the AML/KYC procedure.

You acknowledge that the lack of your identity verification or incomplete activation of the protection measures may be the reason for limiting the scope of provided features on the Service.

We may limit the functionality of the Service available for you in the following cases:

  • if you fail to prove the ownership and source of funds
  • if you don't enable enough protection measures
  • if you don't verify your identity
  • other cases (we reserve the right to limit the scope of services available to you for different reasons without prior notification)

The crypto assets balance displayed in the user interface of the Cryptogeek wallet app is accurate and represents the amount of cryptocurrency funds ready for transactions.

Suppose digital distribution markets (Google Play, App Store, etc.) bans specific cryptocurrencies without noticing Us beforehand. In that case, You can face the removal of balances of these assets in your Cryptogeek wallet account. It doesn't affect your balance on the Service, as you can access these funds using the wallet downloaded from the other distribution platforms.

In case You violate the conditions mentioned in these Terms, or a Force Majeure Event takes place, or the third party service fails to provide its services to You, or You request to terminate your account or fail to complete verification for an extended period, or Your account is a part of the investigation or other kinds of relations with law enforcement, or the increase in the legal risk of using Your Cryptogeek account, we may unilaterally without a court decision do the following without noticing You beforehand:

  • suspend Your access to Your Cryptogeek wallet account or selected functions of the Service
  • block You from performing any or specific activities on our Service
  • in case access is enabled again, we are not responsible for the changes in the market rates affecting your balance
  • terminate/delete Your account

After termination, We return all Your crypto assets remaining on Your account's balance to You. If you appear involved in fraud, negligence, or other misconduct, We reserve the right not to return Your funds.


See the list of transactions one can do via the Service:

  • Deposit. It is a remittance of digital funds to the Cryptogeek Account from an external service.
  • Transfer. It is a remittance of digital funds between two Cryptogeek accounts.
  • Exchange. It is an exchange of one cryptocurrency for another at certain conditions. The exchanging parties set the conditions. The transaction takes place on a third-party platform. Cryptogeek is not participating in the exchange process. We submit your exchange request to the blockchain network when you initiate an exchange transaction via the Cryptogeek wallet. We take into consideration the exchange conditions you set. By using the Service, you agree to let us process exchanges via third-party services. You acknowledge that the exchange rates displayed in the Cryptogeek wallet can differ from those displayed on other sources. The third-party exchange platform can charge additional fees for the operation.
  • Withdrawal. It is a remittance of crypto funds from the Cryptogeek wallet to an external wallet of a different brand.

Cryptogeek wallet doesn't support margin trading and cross-chain transactions. If you send the coin to an invalid address, Cryptogeek can assist you in recovering your funds, but We cannot guarantee a successful outcome. Cryptogeek doesn't refund the assets sent to ETH/ETC and other smart addresses.

Each crypto has a specified minimum amount to exchange in one transaction. This amount is set by a third-party exchange platform. If you make a transaction with an amount below the minimum, Cryptogeek will not refund the losses. The completed transactions are not refunded by Cryptogeek, as well. We can reverse transactions under extraordinary circumstances.

If the transaction fails due to tech issues or overload on the third-party service, your wallet is not refunded automatically. To request the recovery of your funds, you should contact the Cryptogeek support team. Suppose you don't have enough crypto to complete the initiated transaction using a Cryptogeek wallet. In that case, we may cancel the entire order or opt to complete a partial order using the amount you have at the moment. Part of this amount will be spent on transaction fees.

Third-party Services

Sometimes, platforms partnering with the Cryptogeek wallet hold competitions, trials, games, and other events in which you can participate via the Service. By participating in these events, you agree to the rules and terms set for them. You participate in these events at your own risk and agree to them. Cryptogeek cannot be held responsible for any damages, losses, data breaches, and other negative aftermath associated with interactions with our partners within contests, trials, and other events.

Without liability to You, we may limit the allowed amounts of funds you can operate via the Service in a specific timeframe, decline an operation you initiate on a Cryptogeek wallet, block certain functions available for you on Cryptogeek, or impose other conditions and restrictions on your use of the Service without telling you beforehand.

In case you missend your funds, we will take the possible steps to assist you in returning your assets. By using the Cryptogeek wallet, you acknowledge that, in some cases, returning these assets is beyond our control. However, we will request the third-party platform participating in the transaction to return the funds. The success of such action is not guaranteed. You can contact us for updates. We will provide the info. In case some fees were charged for a missent transaction, Cryptogeek won't be able to recover the money used to pay those fees.

Our Service is not busy calculating and managing taxes. You are responsible for checking all the taxes-related data flow when using a Cryptogeek wallet and reporting this to your tax authorities.

We hold exclusive rights (including intellectual property rights) to all the correspondence between You and our Service ("Feedback"). We reserve the right to use the materials from the Feedback for any purposes, with you waiving all your rights associated with Feedback. We may remove your posts from our Website in case we think these posts are not appropriate or don't comply with the desired content standards.

On the Service's website and in the Cryptogeek wallet app, you may see the content provided by the Service's partners ("Third-Party Content"), including links and other info. Cryptogeek doesn't endorse any Third-Party Content. We don't bear responsibility for Third-Party Content and its effects. We are not liable for any damages that can occur in association with Third-Party Content and your interactions with it. You do that at your own risk.

We will never try to reach out to You apart from through our official email addresses. Please beware of impostors. We are not liable for the effects of your interactions with people impersonating Cryptogeek representatives.

If We find out that You don't use your Cryptogeek account for several years, but the account has some funds on it, We will try to locate you using the data you provided. If the contact doesn't occur, we reserve the right to treat the remaining funds as unclaimed property to a proper jurisdiction. Cryptogeek may withhold a dormancy fee or other administrative commission from these funds following the laws.


You indemnify and hold Cryptogeek harmless against any claims, demands, and damages (including profits loss, data loss, assets loss, and others) caused by:

  • risks of using blockchain networks, including unknown vulnerabilities or unexpected changes to protocols, and more;
  • software failures and changes of the third-party networks (in terms of technology or terms and conditions of use);
  • Force Majeure (event beyond the Cryptogeek control, like the flood, fire, war, bank accounts closure, etc.), DDOS attacks, maintenance, malfunctions, etc.;
  • typos, technical or photographic errors in materials presented on the Website and applications;
  • your personal errors and unfortunate decisions;
  • communication failures;
  • invalid or lost password;

If you lose access to your Cryptogeek wallet, We will assist you in restoring it. This can be possible only if your account is verified. The time frame needed for access restoration is determined on the Service side.

The info presented on Cryptogeek can't be seen as a warranty. The info displayed on the Website and in the Cryptogeek apps doesn't guarantee or imply any particular results of use. We are not in charge of the accuracy of the third-party data displayed by Cryptogeek.

In no event, the people working for Cryptogeek will be liable for any damages or losses of any kind, including the loss of profits, loss of assets, data loss, and others. It doesn't matter if these damages and losses were caused by negligence, action, contract, etc. The only situation when the Cryptogeek team members, agents, directors, employees, and officers can be held accountable for losses and damages is when the law requires it. In this case, the aggregated liability cannot exceed the fees paid by you to Cryptogeek two months before the date of a claim resulting in this liability.

We resume the right to control all the actions and proceedings (at our expense) in which we participate. We decide if we must settle it. Your responsibility is to back up and maintain reserve copies of data you store and transfer using the Service.

Links to external resources and platforms we share on our Website don't endorse the content on these platforms and websites. We are not responsible for the content presented outside Cryptogeek.


Any dispute that can occur between the parties concerning Cryptogeek use and these Terms is governed following the UAE laws if the use of the other jurisdictions' laws is not needed in the particular case. The disputes in which any party seeks relief for the alleged copyright, trademark, trade name, logo, patent, or trade secret infringement, are not arbitrated. Arbitration can be handled only via the respective UAE authorities. The arbitration proceedings must be conducted in the English language.

You agree to notify us about the dispute within thirty (30) days after it has arisen. Please reach out to us using this address: info@cryptogeek.info

By using Cryptogeek, you agree not to commence against Cryptogeek a class action, class arbitration, or representative action or proceeding.

Other than class procedures and remedies discussed below, the arbitrator can grant any remedy that would otherwise be available in court.


These Terms contain the entire agreement and are superior to any other prior or current agreements and understandings between the parties regarding the use of Cryptogeek. Other agreements can be identified and declared as overridden to these Terms. In this case, these Terms are not superior to all other agreements between You and Cryptogeek.

We may amend these Terms when necessary in our sole discretion. We will inform you of these updates by telling you about them via email and on the homepage of our Website, our applications, or the other way.

As soon as the amended Terms are posted online, they will be deemed effective for all new users. For those who used the Service before the Terms amending, the new Terms will be considered effective after the users accept these new Terms by clicking the respective button or continue using the Cryptogeek wallet after the announcement about changes in the Terms is posted by Us online. If you can't agree to the amended Terms, you should stop using Cryptogeek, get in touch with our support team, and request the account termination.

Our failure or delay in fulfilling any part of these Terms can't be interpreted as a waiver thereof. The invalidity or unenforceability of any of these Terms doesn't cancel the validity and enforceability of the rest.

You may not assign or transfer your rights or obligations under these Terms without prior written consent from Cryptogeek, including by operation of law or in connection with any change of control. Cryptogeek may assign or transfer any or all of its rights under these Terms, in whole or part, without obtaining your consent or approval.