You can simply store your money or make it work for you. If you choose the second option, you can use the Cryptogeek staking feature. You can redeem your staking rewards daily and withdraw your funds anytime.

Staking doesn't require much hassle. You just freeze the minimum sum needed for staking or more if you want to enjoy bigger rewards and let this money grow.

How to Enable Staking?

To earn from staking some coins, you should enable staking. To do so you should tap on the Enable Staking button on the Staking page. Please note that this feature is only available if you have activated 2FA. If not, please activate 2-factor authentication as this protection feature is crucial for safety of your funds and data. Another requirement is complete account verification.

After verification and 2FA activation you can enable staking. As soon as you click on the Enable Staking button, the ON mark appears on the Staking page.

Funding the Staking Pool

After enabling staking you will need to fund your staking pool. You can deposit the currency you need or exchange another currency for the one you want to stake. To see which currencies are supported for staking, you should check the Staking Assets checkbox on the account page.

To deposit money you should tap on the Deposit button and choose the currency you want to stake. You will receive the deposit address. Send coins there.

To exchange other currencies for the coin you want to stake you should proceed to the exchange section, choose the coin you need for staking and buy it with a different coin.

Now, when you have the needed currency, your account is verified and protected with 2-factor authentication, you can enable staking. Check your profits in the Staking Rewards Details section. You can see the staked daily balance for each date of the certain time frame. The rewards, annual yield, payouts history, and other data is shown, too.

How to Stop Staking?

If for any reason you want to disable staking you should just tap on the Disable Staking icon in the Staking section. You will need to confirm this action in the popup window.