Terms of staking

What is staking?

Staking is locking a portion of cryptocurrency to verify transactions and validate the actions on the proof-of-stake-based blockchain network. The network automatically rewards stakers to incentivize them to keep staking and running the network.


Rewards are the payouts sent to users for staking. Rewards are calculated and sent every day. The calculation starts as soon as you enable staking. We collect the data about the tokens you stake, including the balance of staked tokens. You get rewards only for the tokens you hold for 24 hours after the day you enable staking. The rewards are sent when the minimum daily balance exceeds the minimum holdings.

The reward formula is Reward = ASB x D x AY / 365
ASB is an average staked balance
D is the number of days after the staking was enabled
AY is the annual yield

Average Staked Balance

Average staked balance is an average balance in an active staking phase during which one gets rewards. Average staked balance is a relation between the minimum daily balance (in the staking period) and the number of days in the staking period.

Daily Reward

A daily reward is a reward collected for a certain date. Its formula is almost the same as for Rewards. The only difference is that there is a minimum daily balance instead of an average daily balance.

Minimum Daily Balance

The minimum daily balance is a user's Total Balance on a certain date.

Current Day Minimum Balance

The current day minimum balance is the total balance one has on the given date.

Total Balance

Total balance is a sum of the balance in active orders and main and trading balances.

Minimum Holdings

Minimum holdings are the smallest Total Balance one needs to get rewards. This amount varies depending on the currency one stakes.

Annual Yield

Annual yield is an estimated sum of all staking rewards one can get from staking a chosen crypto for one year. You can see the yearly yield in the Reports section.

Payout Frequency

Payout frequency may not be the same for all tokens that can be staked. Please check the payout frequency for each coin before you choose to stake it.