2FA Guide

2-factor authentication is still one of the best ways to make it nearly impossible for hackers to access your account. Breaking into unprotected accounts is a real problem. You shouldn't underestimate it. Turning 2fa on is a must. 2fa is a crucial security measure.

To turn on 2-factor authentication, you should use Google Authenticator or another authenticator app that creates one-time passwords. Download the app from Google Play or App Store. Proceed to the Security section in the Cryptogeek wallet menu and click Enable 2FA. Write down a backup code. You will need it if you lose your mobile device with the authenticator app or want to use the wallet on a different device. You will receive a QR code. Scan using an authentication app.

After adding the Cryptogeek wallet to your authentication app, you can enter your account and perform actions only after confirmation via 2fa. It means that you will need to present a one-time password auto-generated in the app and valid only for 30 seconds. No one will be able to obtain this password without physically getting and unblocking your mobile device. Even you.