About us

Cryptogeek wallet is a multi-currency blockchain wallet developed by the Cryptogeek platform team. We have enough expertise and skills to create a decent product capable of executing all the basic crypto wallet features in a lowkey yet convenient manner. The safety of your assets is our priority. We launched the Cryptogeek wallet in 2023.

Cryptogeek is a collective composed of crypto enthusiasts and researchers. We developed a platform for reviewing cryptocurrency brands where you can share your experience using specific services or familiarize yourself with other users' and professionals' reviews on these services.

We started in 2019, and since then, we have reviewed over 2 thousand cryptocurrency brands, written over 400 blog articles on numerous topics, and excelled at introducing aspiring brands to higher demographics. On top of that, we created an automated comparison engine that helps users to compare chosen brands by parameters and see which one fits them better.