Evergrow Coin (EGC) Price Prediction 2023-2030

Evergrow Coin (EGC) Price Prediction 2023-2030
Dec 15, 2023 3
Evergrow Coin (EGC) Price Prediction 2023-2030

The global decentralized economy ecosystem is constantly evolving, offering an array of opportunities for earning, trading, staking, and exchanging cryptocurrencies. EverGrow emerges as a fresh and ambitious project, presenting a multifunctional app designed for earning through DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces, holding crypto tokens, staking, and transactions.

Despite $EGC, the native token of EverGrow, being exclusively listed on Pancakeswap, its price noticeably ascended in the latter half of 2023. This article provides a brief review of the EGC token and traces its historical price trajectory, as well as offering an EGC price forecast for the years 2024, 2025, 2027, and 2030. It is essential to note that this article is solely for educational purposes and should not be considered investment advice.

What Is Evergrow Coin?

EverGrow (EGC) functions as a staking instrument and native token within the EverGrow ecosystem, which encompasses a multi-purpose crypto wallet, an NFT marketplace, metaverse connectivity, fiat money on/off ramps, and swap services.

The company positions EverGrow as the foremost stablecoin rewards crypto token globally. According to the company's website, EverGrow has dispensed over $39 million in rewards through its passive income model, distributing BUSD rewards to EGC holders.

The project's aim is to ascend into the top 20 cryptocurrencies and revolutionize web 3.0 technologies. EverGrow has sought to simplify profit-making as much as possible, requiring users to simply hold EverGrow tokens while the platform handles the rest. The ecosystem includes LunaSky, an NFT marketplace; Atlas Wallet, a multi-chain crypto wallet; EverGrow Staking, a staking service; Objective Reality, a metaverse portal; and Lucro Gaming, a play-to-earn platform.

The token was launched in September 2021 on the BNB Smart Chain and, as of December 2023, is held by approximately 136,000 owners. EverGrow is guided by Sam Kelly, with other key team members including Paul Treffinger, Cody Black, and Emmanuel Padilla.

Evergrow Coin Price Prediction for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030

As of December 13, 2023, the price of EGC is $0.000000044, with a market cap of $20.7 million. The token ranks among the top 1000 cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap. Below, you will find the table with the EverGrow price forecast for the years 2023, 2024, 2025, 2027, and 2030. Detailed forecast information follows.

Year Price Prediction ROI (if you buy EGC now)
2023 $0.000000046 4.55%
2024 $0.000000074 68.18%
2025 $0.0000001 127.27%
2027 $0.00000019 331.82%
2030 $0.00000063 1331.82%



December 2023 witnessed a hesitant increase in the EGC price, rising from $0.00000004 to $0.000000045 by mid-month. By year-end, the price may escalate to around $0.000000048. However, more conservative predictions suggest a potential retracement to $0.000000042. On average, EGC may reach approximately $0.000000046 by 2024.


The next Bitcoin mining reward halving is scheduled for April 2024, an event recurring every four years, diminishing the Bitcoin mining reward by half. This results in a reduction in new BTC coins availability, rendering the asset scarcer and boosting its value. Additionally, miners must raise the prices for BTC they sell, as they must offset the same expenses while receiving half as many coins as a reward. Each halving typically ignites the crypto market, and the EGC price is expected to experience a notable surge. The crypto rally will attract more participants to the cryptocurrency sector. Given the various passive income avenues available through the EverGrow platform, it is likely to appeal to a broader audience and witness enhanced value. By year-end, the EGC price may reach approximately $0.000000074.


No crypto rally is indefinite. Furthermore, it's improbable for a rally to endure for an entire year. Unlike 2024, 2025 is anticipated to be less triumphant for the crypto market. By that time, the projected success of the EverGrow project will likely facilitate its listing on popular exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, KuCoin, and others. Consequently, despite setbacks, the EGC price is expected to continue its upward trajectory. It is projected that by the end of 2025, the price may escalate to approximately $0.0000001.


The years 2026 and 2027 are likely to witness a battle between the influences of the sluggish market and the ongoing development and expanding outreach of the EGC token. The former influence may lead to price declines, while the latter is expected to propel it upward. By 2028, although the price might not reach the milestone of $0.0000002, it is expected to come close.


Another Bitcoin reward halving is scheduled for 2028, potentially triggering a new bull run. This is likely to attract more participants to the EverGrow ecosystem and propel the EGC token to unprecedented highs. In 2030, it is projected that the EGC price will range from $0.0000006 to $0.00000067.

Evergrow Coin Price Analysis for the Past Several Years

Let's now delve into the historical trajectory of the EGC price and understand how it has evolved to its present value.

The token made its market debut in September 2021 at an initial price of $0.000000009179. The fall of 2021 witnessed an unprecedented and substantial crypto rally. Unsurprisingly, the EGC price swiftly surged as well. The initial dramatic surge occurred on October 13 when the price soared to $0.000000487, marking a staggering 53-fold increase in just 17 days from its market entry.

Date Price Why the price dropped/rose to this level (what influenced the price change)
September 2021 $0.000000009179 The token just hit the market
November 2 2021 $0.0000031 ATH. The reason: the BTC rally ignited the rest of the market
December 2022 $0.000000037 The lowest point before the start of moderate uptrend. The reason: the overall market calm

After a brief decline to $0.00000019 on October 16, the price of EGC embarked on a sustained upward trajectory. Initially, it reached $0.00000039 on October 19, registering a 100% surge in merely three days. Subsequently, following a period of indecision, EGC's ascent accelerated. This development was largely due to Bitcoin's surge at the time, reaching its all-time high (as of December 2023). The peak price reached by EGC on November 2 constitutes its highest value, with EGC trading at $0.0000031.

In mid-November, as the Bitcoin price began to decrease, this trend was reflected across the broader crypto market, including EGC. By November 23, 2021, the price had declined to $0.000001 – only a third of its value three weeks earlier. A week thereafter, the EGC price stood at $0.000000747, and by December 6, it had dropped to $0.0000006 – about 20% of its peak price on November 2.

2022 witnessed a continuing decline in the crypto market. Unlike BTC, EGC managed to sustain its price and even experienced a brief surge in January 2022, peaking at $0.00000165. However, by February, the price plummeted alongside the broader crypto decline. The gradual decrease continued until May, with the price reaching $0.00000036 by May 6. Subsequently, the price drastically dropped in a matter of days, hitting $0.000000192 on May 12, coinciding with the decline of BTC.

Throughout the summer of 2022, the EGC price fluctuated between $0.0000001 and $0.0000002. In October, the price dipped below the $0.0000001 mark. By February 2023, EGC fell below $0.00000005. Since then, the price has oscillated between $0.000000035 and $0.000000049. Despite Bitcoin's resurgence in the latter part of 2023, the EGC price only began to exhibit signs of recovery in the fall of 2023. However, as of December 2023, it has yet to breach the $0.00000005 barrier.

Q&A Part

Is EGC a good investment?

We are unable to provide investment advice. Instead, we offer information to aid in conducting independent research on the subject and making informed decisions. It is worth noting that the EGC token shows potential, although it may not be the predominant choice for investment opportunities.

What will be the EGC price in 10 years?

By the conclusion of 2033, the EGC price could potentially reach approximately $0.000002 – although not as high as its value on November 2, 2021, it still represents a significant increase from the present value.

Should you buy EGC now?

As of December 2023, the EGC price exhibits slow movement with frequent fluctuations, making it relatively accessible to find a suitable entry point in this environment. However, identifying an entry point largely hinges on the strategy you employ.


The EGC token is not an outstanding project. Despite its aspirations to ascend into the top 20 tokens by market cap, the currency demonstrates only moderate success. While it doesn't experience significant plunges, its ascent is notably gradual. If the development team successfully continues to enhance the evolution of the token, it may experience stable growth in line with our EGC price prediction. We cannot assert that EGC ranks among the top projects in the market; however, if diversifying your portfolio is a consideration, it could be an option. It is advisable not to invest in EGC without conducting thorough personal research to ensure the token aligns with your primary requirements.

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