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Advcash Reviews 2022

Country: Belize
Launched: 2014
Expert Review
Jun 03, 2020

In the age of modern technology, almost everyone who works with online payment methods has an idea of electronic wallets. Today our review will be about one of the most famous payment systems - Advcash. Also, we will answer the questions: Is Advcash safe, legit, and secure? Is it profitable to use Advcash? How to use Advcash? Let us together now consider all the strengths and weaknesses of this service.

  1. Advcash Review
  2. Advcash Features
  3. Advcash API
  4. Advcash Fees
  5. How to Use Advcash?
  6. Verification
  7. Advcash Cards
  8. How to Deposit on Advcash?
  9. How to Withdraw from Advcash?
  10. Is Advcash Safe?
  11. Conclusion

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Advcash Review

Advcash is an online payment processing and money transfer system that has been operating since 2014. This is a Belizean company, in addition to Advanced Cash Limited, the name AdvCash appeared in 2014, compared to PayPal and other market leaders, this EPS can be called a newcomer to the market. ADV Project Limited also belongs to the payment system.

On the website of the Belize regulator, you can see that the payment system is certified. The registration address is also indicated there.

The service offers more than 20 different ways to replenish a virtual wallet, which effectively replaces the physical one in the online and mobile environment.

Advcash supports transfers in both fiat (national) currencies and cryptocurrencies. The last option to withdraw funds involves transferring money to cryptocurrencies without commission at the internal rate of the service.

Welcome to Advcash

The electronic payment system gained popularity fast due to the fact that it allows you to use the wallet without verification. The limits are among the highest in the industry.

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Get a Loan Secured by Your Crypto Assets

Advcash Features

Funds from the Advcash wallet can be exchanged for other payment systems (Payeer, Perfect Money, Qiwi etc); Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) cryptocurrencies or use any other withdrawal methods. Advcash is used as a method of replenishment or withdrawal in many investment projects, on cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as a method of payment in online stores and for receiving payments from customers.

From January 2015, you can order a MasterCard in dollars or euros on the platform. With this card, you can withdraw earned funds by transferring them to the Advcash wallet, and then withdrawing them at any ATM, making a transfer to a plastic Visa / Mastercard bank card of any bank. It is possible to order and withdraw money from an account to a prepaid card, transfer to other electronic wallets, exchange for cryptocurrency, etc.

Become a Member

The release costs $ 14.99, and further maintenance will be free. Purchases made in card currency will not be subject to a commission.

In addition to classic banking, there is the possibility of issuing a virtual card, which can be used for online shopping. Despite the fact that a plastic card is more functional, a virtual one has advantages precisely for purchases on the Internet, as it ensures the safety of user data.

As for other features and plans of Advcash, in the near future, the service will release a mobile application for smartphones and tablets on Android and IOS.

Why Advcash?

Also, it is worth noting that Advcash has a large number of partners, including Bitpay (processing bitcoin payments), Protectimus (data protection), IDchecker (document verification, and user identification), Interkassa (payment aggregator), etc.

All the news and updates are published on Advcash Twitter and Facebook pages, feel free to subscribe and stay tuned.

The service is available in the English language only.

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Advcash API

The payment system offers a referral program with favorable conditions. Earnings can be received from any paid referral transaction, up to 20% of earnings. You can also accept bulk payments using the Merchant API technology. Merchant API lets your applications use all the features of Advanced Cash, automate sending and receiving payments, obtain transaction history data, search for transactions, and more. The service provides instructions for connecting the API.

Advcash Fees

When creating your account, you do not pay for monthly account maintenance.

Also available are free internal transfers and many deposit and withdrawal methods. Advcash provides minimal fees for transfers.

The standard fee for the transfer is 3.99% of the amount, depending on the service you use. You can find more detailed information on the fees here.


How to Use Advcash

In order to create an account on Advcash, we need to register. To do this, in the upper right corner of the site, click on the "Registration" button.


Here on the left side, the type of account is selected, by default “Personal” is set, that is an ordinary wallet is not for business, but for individuals. Advcash personal account allows you to use all the functionality in full: deposit, withdrawal, transfer, the connection of payments on the SCI website, ordering a card, payment for services, etc.

A business account has a number of features: it allows you to automate the API for bulk transfers and other operations, has increased limits for depositing and withdrawing money. To pass the verification of the business account, you need to provide a certificate of registration of the company and a document proving the identity and address of the owner.

We chose the personal account type, and fill the form with your First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password. Advcash reminds us that the registration is free and that your personal data will be 100% safe. Once everything is completed, drag the slider to the right and press “Register”.


Registration is completed. You can immediately start to work or pass verification.

If you plan to use Advanced Cash to work with large amounts, we recommend immediately increasing the wallet's security. For this press “Security Settings” in the upper menu.


In order to pass verification, you need to go through a few simple steps. Data validation is divided into 3 stages:

  • Identity Verification - a scan of a passport or both sides of a driver’s license is suitable;
  • Address Verification - a scan of a receipt for payment of utility bills, an extract from the bank about the state of the account or a page from the passport with information about registration will do. The document must not be older than 3 months;
  • Phone Number Verification - confirm that the number belongs to you.

The client agreement states that the verification of documents takes no more than 24 hours. If the package of documents is rejected, then the answer must indicate the reason.

Verification is simple, so we recommend you go through it immediately after registration. Uncover the EPS 100% functionality.

Advcash Cards

These are standard plastic cards with a balance linked to the wallet account. You can cash money in ATMs or pay for purchases in stores, while the money will be debited directly from the AdvCash wallet. 

ADV Cards

For World card type two options are available: ADV World and ADV World Plus. To get this card you have to pay a one time fee, the future service is free of charge. You can find more information on ADV Cards on the website.

How to Deposit on Advcash?

The set of options for depositing and withdrawing money depends on the country of the client. For some countries, it comes down to bank cards and transfers, so do not forget to verify your account.


To top up your Advcash wallet, you need to click on the "Deposit Funds" section on the menu.

There are various deposit options available depending on the amount, currency, and country of residence. In real-time, you can calculate the amount of replenishment and the fee for the transfer. After selecting the replenishment method, click on the "Deposit" button. You can find more information about possible replenishment methods on the website.

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Win up to $1.8M in Futures Trading Competition

How to Withdraw from Advcash?

In order to make a withdrawal from the Advcash wallet, you need to go to your personal account and select "Funds Transfer."


You can withdraw AdvCash on the official website using the following options:

  • A transfer without commission to any other wallet in the payment system;
  • Cash-out money from the wallet using your ordered card from Advcash or transfer to the cards of other users. You can withdraw money from it at any ATM;
  • Via bank transfer;
  • Transfer to electronic money;
  • To the email of any person who is not even registered in AdvCash, indicating the surname, name and email address;
  • Cash;
  • Using exchanges.

Choose the best option for you, indicate all the information and press “Continue”.

Is Advcash Safe?

Advcash offers many different ways to protect a user's personal account. To connect any of the available functions, you must go to the "Security Settings" tab.

 The following account protection options are available on Advcash:

  • Intelligent identification and binding to IP addresses. These features are considered medium security. The AdvCash platform can set some parameters or set a list of IP addresses for login. Thus, if any parameter or IP seems suspicious to the platform, the entry will be allowed only if you enter a password that will automatically be sent to the email address.
Intelligent identification and binding to IP addresses
  • Two-factor authentication. Both your account and all your transactions will be secured not just with a standard static password, but also with one-time passwords (OTPs) refreshed every 60 seconds. Choose one of 3 types of OTP tokens: hardware keychain token, iOS, and Android app or chatbots in Telegram, Viber, and Facebook Messenger.
Two-factor authentication
  • Payment password. Another nice feature, after activation of which each operation will need to be confirmed with a password. The password can be created in the settings.
Payment password
  • Code Card. Activate this to get a code card with reusable codes used for transaction authorization. The code card is available for downloading immediately after activation. If you lose your code card, you can obtain a new one by contacting customer support.
Code Card
  • SMS authorization. This feature guarantees high protection. When you try to enter the account, a message will be sent to the user's phone. For activation, it is important that the specified phone number is verified.
SMS authorization

Also, the relationship between the company and users is regulated on the basis of applicable laws and the internal rules of the company. Studying these documents allows each side to understand the framework within which it can act, analyze possible risks, and evaluate the available benefits. All of these protection measures and security options are referring to the fact that Advcash is not a scam and the team takes care of their users.

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Trade With Up To 125X Leverage on Binance


Advanced Cash has become popular due to customer loyalty. It worth noting that using ADVcash can be convenient for users with different requests and requirements. Transfer speed, ease of use of the system, a high level of security are the undoubted advantages of ADVcash.

Also, more advantages can be noted:

  • Lack of fee for operations within the service;
  • Cards with free service;
  • Virtual cards;
  • Passive income (affiliate program);
  • Bitcoin support;
  • Support for EPS in 200+ countries and almost all Internet services, including cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • Relatively low fees;
  • High security.

As for the disadvantages, the following points can be distinguished:

  • Lack of information about the owner of the company (however, many well-established crypto platforms stay anonymous, too);
  • It is impossible to roll back the payment if you made a mistake when entering the recipient's data;
  • There are currently no applications for managing a wallet from a smartphone or tablet.

By the number of clients, AdvCash is inferior to the top payment systems, but, given the set of strengths, it can be recommended to almost everyone. AdvCash is suitable for freelancers, Internet business owners, and those who just want to get a convenient card with a balance linked to an electronic wallet.

Our Score
Functionality 5 / 5
Ease of use 5 / 5
Support 4 / 5
Price 4 / 5
Technology 4 / 5
Our Score
4.4 / 5
Pros and Cons

- Lack of fee for operations within the service;
- Cards with free service;
- Virtual cards;
- Passive income (affiliate program);
- Bitcoin support;
- Support for EPS in 200+ countries and almost all Internet services, including cryptocurrency exchanges;
- Relatively low fees;
- High security.


- Lack of information about the owner of the company;
- It is impossible to roll back the payment if you made a mistake when entering the recipient's data (except for cases when the code is used - this is mentioned above);
- There are currently no applications for managing a wallet from a smartphone or tablet.

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User reviews
Stefano De Filippo 10 June 2023

Today I deposit 100€ to get 103 usdt on Okex. The bank fills the process but i’ve not received my usdt yet, without the possibility to contact any kind of assistance

Grace .O. Addisson
7 November 2023
I also lost about $175,000 to a Greenfield Capital broker and 2 fake binary option website as well but I am sharing my experience here so as to enlighten and educate everyone that is losing money or has lost money to a scam binary options, dating scams and fake ICOs.
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you can reach out to him by searching by Contacting Below:
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What app + 1 (470 ) 469-9769
pierre-emmanuel 20 March 2023

DON'T use this application ! There goal is to block your money on their platform and they will do everything they can to not let you withdraw.
We have 29k$ blocked on their platform that we cannot withdraw even after many verifications and we even provided signed statement by our bank company.
Don't get scammed as we did

james scott
19 May 2023
Many people try to invest their money so as to make more profit after a certain period of time. This is certainly not a wrong move but scammers online make use of this opportunity to deprive people of their money. You might have invested your Bitcoin in the wrong investment company and lost it but you do not need to worry seek the help. Lisa.Eric @ or whatsapp + 84 94 767 1524 is the contact info of Mrs Lisa Eric and she help in recovery lost crypto and she helped me restore from my previous loss
Pedro kambalame
17 May 2023
Não tenho como depositar na minha conta Advcash.
Bruno Galassi 26 December 2022

Ottimo servizio, ottimo supporto, io uso advcash da molti anni e mai avuto un problemi. grazie

通りすがり 5 November 2022


Adis 27 October 2022

The stole my money. Holy hell do not use this site

Country: Belize
Launched: 2014
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