Invite Friends and Enjoy Rewards!

We are grateful to everyone who spreads the good word about our service and wants to thank our supporters. Verbally and materially.

Our project is young yet ambitious, and we want to deliver our services to as broad audiences as possible. Your support may play a viable role in the fulfillment of this mission. That's why we developed an affiliate program and offer you to join it!

If you are happy with the services you get with the Cryptogeek wallet, feel free to bring your friends, family, colleagues, and partners to the platform for your comfort. You can send them a unique affiliate link associated with your account. The link is generated in the Referral Program section.

As a thank you, we offer referral rewards correlating with your referrals' activity with the Cryptogeek wallet. We offer you 10% of the fees paid by your referrals on the Cryptogeek wallet.

If you wish to boost your profits, you can post a link on your social media or attach it to your posts on other platforms. For instance, if you are writing or vlogging about cryptocurrency-related topics, you can add an affiliate link to any appropriate pieces of your work. As a result, your audience can try out our product and increase your referral returns.


Please note that our system considers users your referrals if they downloaded the Cryptogeek wallet using your affiliate link. Also, you should be aware that we don't welcome manipulations of any sort, such as creating multiple accounts on Cryptogeek to use them as your referrals. Such and similar violations will not be tolerated and will result in the ban of malicious users from our platform.

Also, please note that our team reserves the right to change the conditions of the affiliate program when we see such changes appropriate and beneficial for the project.

Who Can Participate?

If you have a Cryptogeek account and use the valid version of the Cryptogeek wallet app, you can join our affiliate program! Find your personal referral link and share it with whoever you want to.

The Rewards Payment Order

You can always check all the info concerning the Referral Program in the section of the same name in the wallet menu. Our system will detect the app installations associated with your referral link. The system will be sending rewards to your referral account each time your affiliates are charged fees for using our services. Please get in touch with our support team if you have any questions about the affiliate program.