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On this page, you can get a quick look at the actual prices of the top cryptocurrencies updated in real-time. The Top Cryptocurrency section shows the top 2 cryptocurrencies' current prices, market cap, and 24-hour trading volume. These characteristics of the industry leaders impact the rest of the crypto market influencing the prices and trends of most of the altcoins.

The info about the price change in the last 24 hours can be found in the Cryptocurrencies section that is below the Top Gainers and Top Losers section. Usually, this section showcases the obscure coins as their prices are pumped or dumped by experienced market manipulators. Below this section, there is a list of coins with the highest market capitalization. The list reflects the cryptocurrencies' current live price, the market cap of these coins, and the 24h change in price expressed in percentages. There are 30 top crypto coins on the list sorted by market cap.

July 21, 2024
BTC: 52% ETH: 16%
ETH Gas:
3 Gwei

Top cryptocurrency

24-hour Price Change

This characteristic is showing how different the price of the coin became in the last 24 hours. Traditionally this figure is measured in percentages. +N% written in green is indicating that the asset has grown by N in 24 hours while -N% written in red means that in the last 24 hours the price has dropped by N. The 24-hour price change helps to swiftly learn where the coin's price is heading to. As trading makes sense because the price of the assets changes, it's important to realize firmly if the coin you're gonna buy or sell is in decline or the rising trend. One of the golden rules of trading is "buy low, sell high", so it is important to see if the coin got cheaper or more expensive. Of course, the holders of coins are interested in price moves, too.

Top gainers and top losers can be significant objects for analysis for potential investors and traders, too. Rarely you can see popular coins among the top 24-hour gainers or losers as the prices of coins with high market caps are harder to manipulate. However, many traders and investors are focused on trading obscure cryptocurrencies because at times these coins grow by hundreds of percent in a small amount of time. Shorting these coins can be another viable strategy.

Watching the Cryptocurrency Prices In Real-Time

The Market Watch page allows you to get a quick sneak into today's cryptocurrency prices live and see the recent news about the market expressed in numbers. At the top of this page, you can see the amount of all the existing cryptocurrencies to date and the number of active crypto exchanges. The Dominance characteristic shows the share in the world's crypto market cap the two leading crypto coins have. The characteristic is displayed in percentage. Bitcoin has always been dominating the crypto market. However, its share is not constant. In different times, the first cryptocurrency dominance was traveling from over 90% to as low as 50% of the entire crypto market. This figure indicates if the altcoins are on the rise or people rather lean to Bitcoin. The ETH Gas section shows the current price of Gwei, a means of payment for Ethereum transactions. This figure cannot be underestimated as thousands of cryptocurrencies are based on the Ethereum blockchain and the transaction costs of these coins fully depend on the current gas price. For people executing multiple transactions in ERC20 tokens daily, this figure can be crucial.

Top Currencies stand for the section showcasing the relevant market data associated with the two cryptocurrencies with the biggest market cap today. It's not hard to understand that the coins with the biggest market cap are the most popular ones. Most investors, traders, and other interested people watch the prices of the market leaders to see if the crypto market is in decline, plateau, or on the rally. More than that, the prices for these top coins can determine the trading, investing, and spending decisions of buyers, sellers, and holders. For over 10 years, Bitcoin has been a top cryptocurrency. In these years, it went through several big spikes and drops — 10% growth in 20 minutes is not something usual but not impossible either. History knows 30% drops, too, so if you are somehow interested in the crypto market, it's a normal thing to check the prices of the top coins daily.

Not only do two coins with the most market cap attract much attention themselves but their prices have a powerful magnitude towards the entire crypto market, especially the price of the coin with the biggest capitalization. The crypto market always reacts to the Bitcoin price changes, growing and decreasing together with the BTC price. The prices of certain coins move opposite to the general trend and when the entire market is "in the red", there are always some coins that manage to grow on the back of the total decline. However, the exceptions only prove the rule. So if you see that one of the top currencies has seriously lost in price since the last time you have checked, you can have no doubt that most of the crypto market has shrunk. If the leaders are on the rally, the market follows, too. Of course, the scale at which the rest of the market follows the trends of the leaders can vary. The obscure coins can rise and fall disregard the top currencies' price.

The sections 24-hour top gainers and top losers show 5 coins whose price has grown the most in the last 24 hours and 5 coins that decreased in value in the last 24 hours more than others. Usually, coins in both columns are little-known altcoins with extremely small prices that cost the millionth part of the cent per unit or something like this. Why? Many traders are using pump-and-dump strategies. They create pump-and-dump groups in Telegram or other messengers. There, they gather as many traders as possible. When the needed number of traders is gathered, the group members receive a buy signal and buy a prearranged obscure coin all together at a certain moment. This collective action results in the quick gain of the asset's price. At some point, the group leaders spread the sell signal to sell the coin at the peak. Usually, it results in the downfall of the asset's price. Not every altcoin recovers after the described actions. As you might guess, some of these coins get to 24h top gainers or 24h top losers at some point as during the pump-and-dump schemes the prices of the assets can multiply by several times and then shrink significantly. Apart from prices of top gainers and top losers and 24h change you can see the market capitalization of these currencies. This figure can help to get an idea of how big the coin is in general. The bigger the market cap is, the more chance that the coin is a serious project that is here to stay.

The lower section called "Cryptocurrencies" displays the 30 top coins sorted by market cap. On top of the market cap, the boxes show the current price and 24h change in percentage. For those who invest in the biggest projects, this list has a crucial meaning as every day they can see if the big coins are moving up or losing their positions and these moves are expressed in precise numbers. The ranking is another number that has meaning. It is not displayed explicitly but rather you can see if the coin has moved lower or higher in the list. If you have invested in one of the top 30 coins you may see if the market cap is growing, you can see what happened to the price in the last 24 hours, and check the current price itself. Also, you can clearly see if some of the coins are gradually going down the list and notice the new ambitious projects that are rushing into the top list from time to time and even manage to cement their presence there. In general, the Market Watch page serves as an express check tool for people that need to get an instant imprint of the current state of the crypto market. What the prices are, who's going up, who's going down — you can quickly find the answers to all these questions on the Market Watch page.