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Jun 02, 2020

NapBots è un software per il trading automatizzato di criptovaluta. Il bot dell'azienda è in grado di implementare tecniche normali per gli hedge fund durante le negoziazioni. NapBots prende decisioni di trading basate sull'analisi dei dati di mercato. In generale, è sicuro affermare che il bot sta prendendo decisioni in base alle tendenze del mercato passato. L'utente può impostarlo in modo da considerare il segmento breve, medio o lungo.

Il team alla base del progetto ha lavorato sul prodotto per due anni e ha "insegnato" al bot numerose strategie di trading rilevanti per lo scambio di coppie contenenti Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Binance Coin, EOS e Bitcoin Cash.

I NapBot includono i robot compatibili con i seguenti scambi: Huobi, Kraken, OKEX, Bitfinex, Binance, Bitstamp e Bitmex. La società afferma che i loro robot sono gli unici in grado di utilizzare combinazioni di segnali di criptovaluta. Questi segnali possono ridurre le perdite e aumentare i profitti.

Scambia criptovalute al miglior prezzo in pochi minuti

Il software è gratuito e può essere scaricato dal sito Web di NapBots. La società che ha sviluppato questo prodotto si chiama Napoleone. Ha sede a Parigi.

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Recensioni degli utenti
Nicolás Gouriah 5 August, 1:28 PM

Amazing bot!! started 1 month ago and I’m already up +25%, ETH/BTC/USD AR is top notch and well done Strat, definitely recommend !!!

Justine 5 August, 12:33 PM

Speedy assistance, my bot was up and running in minutes. The team answered my doubts very quick as well. I was lucky to set up my account just before their new all time highs. !

Khalid 5 August, 10:06 AM

Amazing service with top-tier strategies, NapBots offers serious returns compared to most crypto trading services.

Matt McAfee 30 April, 8:00 PM

Really Good tool for traders! I've been using it for a month. I'd like to boost the store with more strategies to choose.

Great overall service and support! Very good telegram community!

Baptiste Duhaze 20 April, 11:52 AM

Really cool bots but i wish they would be cheaper and have an mobile app! I hope they will handle this soon!

Arnaud Griso 16 April, 4:54 PM

Best bots in the market! I've try several crypto trading bot and so far this one is the easiest, simplest and coolest to use! BIG THUMP TO NAPBOTS TEAM developing good strats!

Gerard Philipe 7 April, 3:12 PM

Extraordinary functionality and cryptotrader tool but some minor bugs.

I think this is a really remarkable tool, even though I there was little bug when clicking some buttons; I'm using bitmex and the execution is flawless.

Amadeus Wolfgang 6 April, 8:24 AM

I'm going to like to give 5 stars to this bot, it just functions really well and the dashboard offers all the details needed, it really simple to install and you can allocate your money to various types of strategies! It is a good, stable and reliable crypto trading robot!

Oliver Owen 1 April, 1:56 PM

Its interface functions very well and I really enjoy the software as its super easy to use.

Abelard Berger 1 April, 11:07 AM

Awesome tool! The best crypto bot in the market I must say. I've tried many other products and I love how userfriendly NapBots is. Also, the cool strategies they offer. Keep it up team!

Mario Bonauito 31 March, 3:33 PM

Top trading robot for crypto. One of the most complete and simple tools I have ever used.

matthieu ricard 26 March, 12:04 PM

Simple to use! and outstanding support during the set up of the bot!

Clement Force 24 March, 10:11 AM

I really like the simplicity of this bot. Compared to trade santa or 3 commas, this one is really easy to use and it follows top strategies made by quants. Lets see how it performs for the rest of the year by the moment is doing a good work.

Eric Dubois 16 March, 3:11 PM

Excellent reaction to the last fall of the crypto market! No fear to loose anymore when markets are down.

Ricardo Villalobos 13 March, 9:18 PM

Great investment decision. Have been using these bots for more than a month and the bot short all the way down BTC, I'm in great profit! Very few bugs, exceptional support, and presumably the best bot on the market!

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