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Località: China
Sito web: www.f2pool.com
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May 21, 2020

F2pool è un pool di mining cinese multivaluta fondato nel 2013. Ora ha server situati negli Stati Uniti, in Canada, Russia, Singapore e in molti altri paesi. Il pool ha un gran numero di monete supportate. Attualmente, è possibile estrarre circa 40 valute su F2pool.

I prelievi vengono eseguiti automaticamente una volta al giorno non appena viene raggiunto un determinato importo minimo. Gli utenti lodano l'interfaccia concisa del pool, un team di supporto e un gran numero di monete. Numerose guide e suggerimenti per l'estrazione sono disponibili sul sito ufficiale della piscina.

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Ease of use 3 / 5
Security 3 / 5
Fees 3 / 5
Reputation 3 / 5
La nostra valutazione
3.0 / 5
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Recensioni degli utenti
Dave Austin 03 Jan

fool you into clicking on a 15K pledge when you really owe 50K won't let you out of the pledge. Have to come up with 50 K to complete pledge

srikanth jatharakonda
11 Mar
I lost so much and was really devastated, I had to seek help until I was directed to Mrs. Kate Andersons and her Recovery company and Foundation that helped me to recover all the money I lost. It was really worth it. I will be happy to share my experience with anybody, you can also connect with her on the above mail on my headline (kateanderson8277 at g mail. com)
James 23 July 2021

Still waiting on my ETH payout a week and a half later, ive tried contacting support but have gotten 0 response from them and their chat feature doesnt work to help either.

Sarah 28 February 2021

"Chinese multicurrency pool" says it all. Would not recommend this pool, full of greedy market manipulators.

Juliet Tusher
29 Jul
This is my review on Premiumchainpool:
This mining pool is organized crime. You have to invest into a mining plan and wait for 14 days. They tell you after this time you can withdraw your earnings for a 10% fee. The withdrawal doesn’t work. You never get your money back.
Instead they want you to invest more. James Khal is the operational manager. He works with many different faked Telegram profiles to convince you that it works fine. For example there is Jane (Lucy) Nguyen, a beautiful Asian girl, who allegedly made a lot of money with this platform. She flirts with you and tries to make you invest into PCP. There are also other profiles like Moha Salah, Ahmed Kheda or Romie Gotze who are faked. Don’t trust any of them. Am happy I was able to recover my lost with the help of Jeffsilbert39 gmail com you can as well visit his WhatsApp +94 74 767 1524.
29 June 2021
hello sarah I have one question how to do if i was told on f2poolcoinmine that the account is suspended??
Shawnda Smith
28 May 2021
Hi Sarah! I saw your review of f2pool and wondered if you could elaborate a little more. I’m mining currently but there was an issue
Harry 28 February 2021

Trash pool, full of market manipulators. Would not recommend this trash service. Full of greedy and manipulative miners

Thiago 22 February 2021

Gostaria de saber qua o mínimo de saque de ETH.

Località: China
Sito web: www.f2pool.com