2FA Yubikey

2-factor authentication is crucial for protecting your account from unauthorized access. You can use a YubiKey as an additional protection layer. YubiKey operates 2fa through a physical device (a key) with a USB connection. This key cannot be hacked remotely. Hardwire keys are widely considered the best protection from all threats, including account hacking, phishing attempts, etc.

Please note that to use a YubiKey device with a Cryptogeek wallet, you should make sure it works with the Yubico OTP mechanism. Otherwise, it won't be supported by the Cryptogeek wallet. Check the product description to make sure your device is using Yubico OTP.

Setting up a YubiKey protection is not that complicated:

  • Proceed to a Security tab in the settings section, click on 2FA and then tap Add YubiKey.
  • Input a YubiKey device.
  • Get the cursor to the Authentication Code sector and push the button on YubiKey, and the code will be shown on the screen.
  • The code will be recognized automatically. You will have, however, to confirm the code via email. That will be the final step.

You will need to enter your login and password as usual when logging in. Then, you will need to insert the YubiKey device, click on the Authentication Code section, and hit the button on YubiKey. The system will recognize the password automatically. The same procedure goes when you withdraw your money.