"I believe regulators should work for and not against innovation to protect consumers from bad actors" An interview with Finansiv CEO Aleksandar Ivanov

"I believe regulators should work for and not against innovation to protect consumers from bad actors" An interview with Finansiv CEO Aleksandar Ivanov
Apr 14, 2022 0
"I believe regulators should work for and not against innovation to protect consumers from bad actors" An interview with Finansiv CEO Aleksandar Ivanov

1. Hello! First, we’d like to ask you to introduce Finansiv to those of our readers who don’t know about this platform. What is Finansiv, and what have you achieved as of March 2022? What are your short-term and long-term goals?

Hello! First of all, I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to present Finansiv in front of your fantastic audience! 

Finansiv is a cryptocurrency prime brokerage platform. Our goal is to provide a simple, feature-rich platform for anybody to get into the world of crypto. 

We currently provide OTC trading and custody services, and we are actively developing a retail & institutional platform that will be live by the end of the year, so stay tuned for that! Our long-term goal is to become the most trusted & recognizable brand in crypto.

2. What is the selling point of your project? There are several established platforms with similar functionality. What makes Finansiv different?

That’s a great question! Finansiv genuinely stands out because we provide retail investors with great functionality, such as intelligent order routing by default. What that means is when you place an order to buy or sell, for example, Bitcoin via our platform, your order is automatically routed between all significant exchanges. It gets executed at the best possible price. While other platforms provide this functionality, they are reserved exclusively for institutional investors or high-net-worth individuals. On Finansiv, you can get started with just $50! We also offer transparent, industry-leading fees, from as low as 0.1%. In addition, Finansiv is regulated in the EU and provides industry-leading security features.

3. On the homepage of the Finansiv website, one can read that your platform aims to combine traditional financial functionality with blockchain technology. Do you believe that blockchain will peacefully coexist with conventional monetary institutes? How do you imagine the future relations between blockchain and the traditional finance sector?

We want to make Finansiv the go-to place where people manage their finances. We are actively developing additional features, such as staking, loans, and direct access to DEFI. Blockchain technology has revolutionized the financial industry, and it’s not going anywhere but forward. Even the most prominent players in traditional finance are actively adopting blockchain technology. I believe that crypto will not wholly replace central banking as we know it. Still, it will build on top of it by providing more transparency, which is very important and is currently lacking in traditional finance.

4. What’s your stance on regulation in cryptocurrencies? Is Finansiv regulated? If so, was it challenging for you to work with regulators? Do you think that avoiding regulation creates growth limitations for crypto platforms? 

I believe regulation is vital regarding consumer protection. Finansiv is currently regulated in the EU, and we are incredibly proactive when working with regulators.

I firmly believe that regulators should work for and not against innovation in any industry to ensure consumers are protected from bad actors. While I agree that regulation is getting much more challenging, which creates growth limitations for entrepreneurs, avoiding regulation is not the answer because it causes platforms to lose consumer trust. In the internet age, a bad reputation is a much more significant growth-limiting factor.

5. If I’m correct, Finansiv works with four fiat currencies: Euro, US dollar, Ruble, and Turkish Lira. What factors determined this selection? Do you plan to add more fiat currencies anytime soon? If so, what are they? What markets (by geography) do have good prospects for Finansiv?

We currently work with almost all major fiat currencies, including Euro, US dollars, Rubles, and Turkish lira. We plan to support all major fiat currencies in the future and are actively looking for payment partners in all jurisdictions. I believe that Eastern European countries are a very underappreciated market by more prominent players in the industry. Of course, we plan to provide an unmatched customer experience in those regions and the rest of the world.

6. Finansiv is very intuitive trading and investing platform. It brings new people to trading and investing. What do you do to minimize risks for the users without a strong background in investing and trading? Should trading platforms provide entry-level educational materials for newbies?

I believe that education is the backbone of progress in any area. Investing is no different, so we provide a free educational section on our website at https://finansiv.com/learn/ . We encourage everyone to educate themselves first before putting their savings at risk because crypto markets are volatile.

7. A couple of things/events have made you confident that cryptocurrencies are essential and people might benefit from using them?

Great question! Bitcoin emerged after the 2008 financial crisis as a solution to many of the problems with a centralized financial system, the main one being the lack of transparency. What makes the technology truly revolutionary is that it’s borderless, transparent, and, most importantly - immune to censorship. We’ve seen many unfortunate events, such as the hyperinflation in Venezuela, which have proven the utility Bitcoin and crypto provide to people, and institutions alike. From people in Venezuela adopting Bitcoin as their day-to-day currency to protect their savings from being wiped out to people using crypto to protect their savings and move them out of the country without the risk of their funds being frozen, banks collapsing, or somebody was confiscating their funds. 

8. Thank you for your answers! Goodbye!

Thank you for the great questions; it was my pleasure! Goodbye!

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