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May 30, 2020

Calorieco is the project created to let people earn cryptocurrencies when taking care of their own health. By saying about taking care of health the project creators imply walking and running. The Calorieco app is going to count the steps the user makes per day and reward her/him with Calcoins (CAL). There's the section on the Calorieco website that shows how much one will earn for making a certain amount of steps per day. For instance, 8,765 steps are rewarded with 6.00 Calcoins. One Calcoin is given for 4,000 steps. The maximum daily reward is 10 Calcoins.

The website warns about the dangers of obesity and diabetes and highlights the scale of this problem. Calorieco is meant to be a solution for people who value rewards and need additional motivation. The product includes a pedometer, a fitness tracker, a Calcoin wallet, and the Calcoin server. It is stated that Calcoins are earned via the Coinstep app but also can be also earned via third-party means. The company claims that Calcoins can be spent on purchasing products or to get a fitness club subscription. To date, Calorieco has several partners around the globe.

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