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Sep 11, 2020

Blockchains.My is an Android wallet for cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, ZEC, DNC, GSC, which can be received, stored and tranfered. The wallet has a built in exchange and offers an NFC card to facilitate fiat withdrawls.

You can also interact with DNC and GSC special features, mint, burn & redeem DNC & GSC into physical gold. Users can register themselves through mobile app with short profile (Full Name, Country, Email, Phone No, and Password).

This wallet also offers a chatroom and a payment gateway for merchants.

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Stas 17 January 2021

The chatroom is fun but it doesn't help to use the wallet without problems and log pending

Patrick 2 January 2021

The description is amazing, but the reality is not so great. The NFC is out of work, there is nobody in the chatroom. The Withdrawing could take a week. Well, as you see, I'm not happy after all.

Almet 28 December 2020

Good wallet with the chat and own private keys.

Lister 30 October 2020

Good functionality, I could make transfer and deposits easily.