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Nov 26, 2020

What does “XCOEX” mean? It’s simple: X stands for any cryptocurrency asset, CO - for “coin” and EX for “exchange”. XCOEX is about simplicity, starting from the fast identity verification and ending with the user-friendly interface. Its main strategy focuses on providing support, tools, and easily accessible services for both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and digital beginners from around the world: from fast KYC to user-friendly interface in multiple languages.

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Gonzalo 5 December 2020

Tricky name, I've just started it seems fine.

Chris 2 December 2020

very good exchange and developed constantly

Over 28 November 2020

I like how simple it us. Just click get started and literally start traiding right away. I love it.

देश: United Kingdom
साइट: xcoex.com
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