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Jul 29, 2020

ImmuneBytes is a startup providing security solutions in the blockchain sphere. The company's headquarters can be found in Janakpuri, India. The company is capable of conducting penetration tasks and audits of smart contracts. Another service provided by ImmuneBytes is consulting on blockchain security. The company has solid experience in the industry. Among the companies that were audited by the ImmuneBytes security experts, there are such established brands like Uniswap, 0x Protocol, DeCenter, AAVE, Compound, and dydx. Currently, the list of companies that worked with ImmuneBytes contains over 20 blockchain projects.

The final product of the ImmuneBytes smart contract audit is a document containing the following: the list of discovered vulnerabilities and bugs ranged by the level of the threat, the experts' comments on the issues found in the audited smart contracts, recommendations on the removal of the bugs and the ways of optimization, and the code test report. The report can be released publically or privately depending on the request of the customer.

The project like ImmuneBytes is a much-needed part of the cryptocurrency industry as the outside experts can point out the vulnerabilities of the seemingly smooth blockchain platform and help in solving these issues saving reputation and much money that could be potentially lost due to a single weak element in the code. The word "potentially" shouldn't confuse us as for many blockchain industry companies this potential was fully realized and the companies went through serious losses and — what's especially important — the customers of some of these companies lost their money, too.

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